Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is my favorite time of year. I know it is not officially autumn, but there is a promise of cold weather in the air...... just a nip. Harvest has come early this year. My peach tree has already yielded her bounty and the apples are falling off the trees. But look closely........ there is a forgotten peach. Looks like a delicious breakfast for me.

All the tomato plants I bought and planted carefully are long gone, having given me only a handful of fruit. This volunteer from fallen tomatoes of last year is full of green fruit...... A true dilemma for me. Shall I wait for them to ripen or do I plan a meal around some fried green tomatoes?

A good breeze is blowing and my flowers are swaying in the wind.

I love sunflowers. They look so happy. I didn't plant any this year..... they just showed up from the fallen seeds of years past.

I try to plant gourds every year. They vine all over and tend to hide their fruit until they are big. I am always surprised at their size when I find them. I wonder how I could have missed something so big. I have painted some and carved a few. These hanging in the tree dried naturally and created a haven for birds. I put birdseed in the bottom and will be making some suet to fill them with so the birds can feast at will without the powerful winds we get here blowing it all away.

I posted a picture earlier this year of my hollow log. You probably don't recognize it now. It is full of flowers and mint. I was given some mint to plant by one of my favorite campers. Next year it will no doubt take over the entire log. For right now I have been pinching a leaf or two to add to my tea. Smells wonderful.

Today is cool and breezy. Doesn't feel like August and is making me think about Christmas. With 7 grandchildren, it is never too early to start considering what I will be giving each one. Time to hit my sewing room and get it ready for a major assault!


luksky said...

I'm envious...still 110 degrees here in central Texas with no sign of cooler weather in the near future.

I agree it's never to early to start Christmas shopping. :-)

Kathy G said...

I'm with you; the shorter days and hint of cooler weather have me excited for the new season.

ellen abbott said...

I'm ready for the temp to cool down some but not ready to hurry the year along.

That mint will take over.

deborahjcolburn said...

I loved the pictures and yes, you can feel fall in the air...I've been very busy outside today, built a fire and am just enjoying the heck out of the day. I don't understand the anonymous remarks I just read on another blog, I just wish it would stop, it's very embarrassing and hurtful for me to read the comments about you. I know how hard you work, and someone has to mind the store from open to close. You and Drew have been nothing but nice to us and I really enjoy coming out there. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend and stay on the high road.

a corgi said...

all beautiful pictures! enjoyed seeing all you had planted or have grown (the gourds were a cute idea with the feeder)

I know what you mean about fall; there was a nip in the area the other day (even in So. Calif) and it felt fall for just a few minutes.


lovelyprism said...

Autumn is my favorite time of year too! It's not cooling off here yet though. My tomatoes did the same thing! The plants are huge but they didn't give up much fruit. Odd. That first sunflower picture looks like a painting! It's lovely.

Meggie said...

Your garden looks lovely, the mint in the log with the flowers, wonderful!

Pat said...

I do enjoy all the seasons, but autumn is my favorite. I like all your pictures. Your gardens are beautiful.