Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cruelty to Animals

If you read even a few of my posts you will know that I love my animals. My children will tell you that I treat the dogs better than I treated them. This is not true....but close.

I recently rented a site to a newly married young couple. He is a pipeline worker and I think she stays home. Home is a nice 5th wheel. They took the last available site and it isn't roomy in this area of my park. The park was built in the 60's and back then the size and variety of RV's cannot begin to compare to those of today. All the sites we have added have been spaced with just that in mind. When living in such close quarters it is necessary to impose rules that will guarantee the well being and comfort of the majority.

This being my campground, I have always tried to be fair. I have come to realize that I can't be flexible in my regime. This is not a is my way or the highway, literally. I compiled a nice letter outlining my requests and expectations. This has been replaced with a list of rules to abide by.....or the laws of the land, if you will.

The new couple have a young dog. He looks to be the offspring of a large breed. I can't tell you what kind of dog he is, but I can tell you that his living conditions are deplorable. We live in the county and there is no animal control out here. If there were I would have called and had the animal removed. He has mange and fleas. Despite the rule that requires you to keep your dog inside unless in your presence this poor animal has been living in a cardboard box outside their door. He howls and cries pitifully and every time we go to confront the is home. I stepped in the dog's leavings on my first visit and I was not happy. I told the young woman then that I would not allow the mess and that her dog was unattended. The neighbors have been feeding and watering the dog and I have been fielding complaints.

I sent my husband down twice today in response to complaints. She was not there. Husband is working tonight and I had enough, so I locked up and went down again. The poor dog had tangled his chain around the neighbors electrical cord and unplugged them. The dog has something wrong with one eye as he stands wagging his tail at my arrival. Probably begging me to remove him from that damned chain and find him a good home.

I left on a mission to hunt down the owner if it meant knocking on the door of every rig in the park. I located her at her brother-in-law's and told her that she would need to either take care of the dog or leave. She stood staring blankly at me. I wanted to ask her if she was dim. I told her that her dog had caused the people on her right to lose power. She was quick to tell me that she had not chained the dog to the picnic table, but to the tongue of their rig where he couldn't "reach nobody's stuff". I point out to her that the dog is supposed to be in her presence.."but, I'm not there" is her answer to that one. Really? "Look, sweetie, what you are subjecting that animal to is cruel, he doesn't even have any water. If I could have him picked up, I would. Either resolve this problem or I will be forced to evict you."

I left after my little speech. She did not go give the dog water or put him in the RV and tomorrow I will follow through and tell them they will have to leave. This was her third warning. You would have thought she would have immediately taken care of it. She apparently thinks I will continue to warn her and I am sure she will be shocked when I kick them out.

While I was busy venting here, my dog Oscar was barking at me. He was quite persistent and got louder every time I shushed him. The louder he got the more annoyed I got....until I heard the familiar sound of him rolling his EMPTY water dish on the floor! I guess he put me in my place!

He seems pretty content now. Look at that handsome face. He is such a good boy........when he is sleeping.


Nancy said...

Too bad you can't save that pool little thing from that awful existence. Maybe they will be a little kinder now that you've called them on it. Morons.

lovelyprism said...

Some people should not be allowed to own pets. Please tell me they don't have children.

Meggie said...

That poor helpless dog. Someone should steal it away from them. I can't believe there is no authority you can call. We are lucky -or I guess our animals are lucky- in this country & NZ, as we have the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, & they will intervene.

The Good Cook said...

Like you, I love my animals. And like you, my husband and children have accused me of treating them better than them.. (my Holly Bear does not talk back [much].. is there nothing you can do to save that poor pup?

No rescue clubs in the area?

sigh.. people are so cruel.

luksky said...

Poor dog....I have seen many in my lifetime be treated like him. It makes me sick that there is really nothing we can do to stop this kind of cruelty to animals.

ellen abbott said...

I hate it when people mistreat their animals who depend on them for everything. I'm with Nancy...morons.

It would be nice if you could rescue the poor animal, but I suppose if you did that, you would be one of those crazy old women with 50 cats and dogs. It hurts to have to turn a blind eye though.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Sickening, just sickening how people treat pets. It fair scalds yer heart to read of such stuff.

I hope someone intervenes and takes the pet from her. What a lonely life the poor creature leads.

Pat said...

I agree with everyone else. I would definitely call someone to get the dog.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

That is awful. I hope that she is totally shocked when you evict her and her husband as well. Poor little doggie...

Long Gone Hemi said...

I see that you are still dealing with idiots and their dogs. Too bad that there is not some kind of rescue agency to get that poor dog out of the clutches of idiots!! Some people should not be allowed to own animals or have children. Sounds like they fall in that category. Get rid of them and hope and pray someone rerscues the dog!!

scarlethue said...

Hey Kathy, I hope you don't mind but I looked up some animal control people near you. They might not be able to come help as they might be too far, but they could at least give you advice and possibly put you in touch with someone who could help.

Pals of Lincoln County‎
Troy, MO‎ - (636) 338-1818‎

City of Warrenton: Animal Control‎ Warrenton, MO‎ - (636) 456-8707‎

Fulton Animal Control Shelter‎ Fulton, MO‎ - (573) 642-7443‎

Hermann House‎
Hermann, MO‎ - (573) 486-2025

Mexico Animal Shelter
Mexico, MO‎ - (573) 581-0779‎

I would be tempted to steal the dog myself and hide it somewhere until they were gone. That's a good way to get in trouble. But do try calling a couple of these people, in my experience they're usually more than willing to advise if not drive all the way to you to help. Even if they could just come warn the couple themselves, it may help.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

We are located in the county and there is no animal control for our county, only the city. It was close to 7 last night and most of the agencies don't answer the phones at that hour. I would have taken the dog myself had I not had my other three to consider (fleas). I was still open and this dog would have to have had an immediate flea bath along with some sort of treatment for his mange. I had every intention of calling the closest shelter and taking the dog to them myself today.....but he isn't around. The owners weren't there either and I hope that they have taken him to a shelter themselves. If I do see the dog again....... he will disappear with me.

The couple in question are young newlyweds. The girl looks to be about 18. They have no idea how to even take care of themselves yet, much less a pet and there are no children. I am not trying to be mean to them, although I doubt they would agree. Everyone in the park has been tending to the dog's needs and they remain oblivious.

I hate this aspect of my job and it seems to always fall on my shoulders. My husband is such a wuss when it comes to enforcing the rules. Now, should someone threaten me, it would be a totally different story. He wants to be the nice guy that everybody likes. They don't have to like me, but they better respect me and my rules......

scarlethue said...

I didn't mean to preach at all in my earlier comment, I hope it didn't come off that way. What a terrible situation, Kathy. I feel for you, I've been there before too. I hope your words had some affect on them. I know this is probably the last thing you needed right now with your daughter's dog passing too. I'm thinking about you today!

Jo said...

Unfortunately, when they leave they take the dog with them, and he will continue to suffer. Is there no way someone can "rescue" him in the middle of the night? That's what I would do -- right or wrong (well, it would be wrong, I guess). Sometimes we have to do the things that are necessary. Those people should not be allowed to have a pet.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Okay....the dog in question is inside with the owners and they have realized they cannot take care of him He will be going to the shelter in Hermann tomorrow. Case closed. I understand from a fellow worker of the man that he had two pitbulls before this dog and shot and killed them himself because they were disobedient. This young man should never have a pet as far as I am concerned!

Anonymous said...

first of all I witnessed the owner of the dog you exclaim to be so mistreated walk and water her dog. Also I saw her being home many of times while her
dog was outside on his leach like many of the dogs that play in their kennels set outside their campers all day. Also I witness other dogs being walked
owners and no "pick up bag" in hand. So as you said, they are newly weds and maybe they do have a few things to learn about life. Is it your place to
openly slander their character? no, it is not. Like you said again, you warned them and they obviously heeded to you and took care of the SItuation like
adults, maybe not by your "northern" kindness. So I ask you- being an owner of a semi-fun and semi-kept up park, do you have nothing more to do than sit
on your pedistool while your slaving husband is fed and watered like a dog? I see him doing all the work and you just begging for some crazed attention.
But by reading your exaggerated blog, i see now that you have a teen-age mind and a cruel heart and I shouldn't be anything more than amused by your
ingenious comments. maybe it is time to realize that your rules are rediculous and not everyone lives like you. Furthermore, I would never chose to live
like you.

Anonymous said...

Do you think talking about your campers is the right thing to do? If the people from the pipe line get mad, they may leave, and you lose money? I understand the freedom of speech but I think you need the business and talking about your guest is "Just Wrong" although not illegal.
Just food for though