Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Baby Zara

This has to be the most pleasant baby I have ever been around. This is Baby Zara and she is asleep in Papa's arms about to get a kiss.....or maybe he just wants to sniff that delicious little head. No, it was a kiss.
When she wasn't sleeping, she was walking and smiling. Just happy with her world.

Even when she was tired.... look at those little eyes.....she kept a smile on her face. She wanted to say, "Hey, old man, put me down, I have a world to explore!" She was always busy, this baby. Watching the big sisters to see what to do next. Running after the dog who stole her pretzel and laughing all the way.

"How do those big people open this thing?" Those cold cans look like they would be fun to roll around on the floor! She had a popsicle and only got a little on her.

Watermelons for Maya, butterflies for Jada and ducks for Zara. I miss my girls. They didn't even forget anything! I have long since washed the towels from the pool, but they held no scent of sweet little girls....just chlorine.
When they made the very first visit here to see us Maya wasn't two yet and Jada was a little baby. I was warned that the shower had lots of curly black hair left in it. I carefully removed several of the curls and stuck them to the bathroom mirror so that each morning I would be reminded of my sweet babies as I brushed my teeth. Love of my life wondered why their was hair on the mirror ( I won't say what kind of hair he thought it was!) and was going to clean it off. I forbade him the use of Windex and the little curls stayed there for several months.
These girls have a big sister in college. I have witnessed the squealing of her name (Kenzie, Kenzie!) upon arrival back home and the mad dash to her arms to be held. My son is the only male in this household.....even the cats are female. I think he likes it this way. I know I love to see his face when he hears them all call out...."Daddy, Daddy....."


ellen abbott said...

How lucky you are.

Living on the Spit said...

Awww...what a beautiful baby. I see why you are so proud of them. Simple gorgeous. I would have left the hairs on there as well!

Love the outfit!

lovelyprism said...

Aww you're such a sweet Grandma! No doubt, I would have tried to clean the hair off the mirror too lol.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

awww... such sweet memories! I'm fortunate in that one of my grandchildren lives with us (Isaiah) but that will probably change later this year. My other grandchild (and his soon-to-be sister) live in WA where their dad (my son) is stationed in the Navy.

Your little "babies" are precious.