Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Caught Up.....and New Discoveries

A long afternoon of checking in swimmers gave me the opportunity to read all the blogs I missed in the last two weeks. Like I said in an earlier blog, I don't need to check out as many books at the library now to keep myself amused.........all you guys take care of me now!

The heat and humidity are still very high and lots of the local folks have been out to swim. The water is looking cloudy now and we will certainly have to double shock it tonight. The heat makes pool maintenance even harder. I need to go out and sweep the area again. I picked up all manner of trash and "souvenirs" this morning. A dirty pair of men's socks, three beach balls, two rafts...... and a partridge in a pear tree. I feel a song in the works. I will have to give it some serious thought!

I made an amazing discovery last night. I had been out in the heat painting the base coat for a sign. Hot yellow oil based high gloss paint. I want to capture the attention of those who enter my park. The sun had long disappeared and I climbed the hateful ladder and slapped the first coat on. I do not like heights and I do not like the ladder that I was using. As a result of that and the mosquitoes I encountered, I got paint on my hands. I couldn't simply wash it off, but did the best I could with some Lava soap. I decided to remove my mustache with a depilatory before showering. And yes, women my age get facial hair, so what!

Back to my discovery, though. The depilatory will remove oil paint!! Isn't that a handy thing to know? I have tried many things including mineral spirits. Mineral spirits work, but dry out my skin. I bought some liquid Goop hand soap, but I am unimpressed with it.

Love of my life is always into something that requires more than the hand soap all of us keep at each sink. Lava has a liquid hand soap that works great and is a little spendy, so I thought the Goop hand soap would do the trick and it was a lot cheaper. Drew put it in the shower and I accidentally used it instead of my moisturizing body wash. I don't recommend it. It has a pleasant orange scent and I was squeaky clean, but the next day I noticed that my skin looked as scaly as a reptile.

Almost time to shut the pool down. I always have those that linger and don't want to leave, so I keep a bottle of algaecide handy to start pouring in. That will do the trick. I tell them it will burn their skin....hey, maybe it does. I am off to clean the bathrooms and pool area. Another day gone!


Kathy G said...

If oil-based paint isn't completely dry on your skin, try scrubbing it with some cooking oil before washing it off with regular soap.

ellen abbott said...

It's the chin hairs I hate.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - that' is too funny! I have a post on my blog about facial hair. Your comment brought it to mind.

Lover of Life said...

Lava - wow that's a blast from the past. My dad always had Lava. My husband uses Corn Huskers lotion. I'll stick to Dove and Ponds, thanks.

The pool reminds me of what my brother's looks like after a full day of the family.

Jilly said...

You keep calling when we're not home!! ARGH!!! I miss you. This is the last week of the regular baseball season so we'll be home in the evenings more often. I don't wanna call you during the day because I know it's crazy there now. Try me Thursday night if you get a chance.

Hit 40 said...

I like your method for clearing the pool out. I would also resort to trickery instead of debating that it is closing time.

Also great tip on the paint cleaner!!! I like to get a wax every few months on the hair. It really does grow back less.

Anonymous said...


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