Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring, and Yes, He Is Snoring

I thought about taking a picture of him, mouth gaping open as he snores the morning away. That would not be nice....and I can't remember where I put the camera.

The gutters have failed and I have three flood zones IN the house. They did not seal around the vent pipes properly on the roof and I get wet floors when it rains. Not always, but enough to let me know exactly where the leaks are. The roof has the same priority as the gutter did; meaning I will have to express my displeasure loudly for it to receive the attention it needs. I am suffering from sleep deprivation again thanks to the fleas and sick dogs. I am on the third cup of coffee and thinking about brewing another pot as I wade through the kitchen and into my office. The mop head is new and is not sucking up the water. Maybe I should go purchase SHAM WOW and layer them through out the house. I swear this "house" is trying to kill me.

Had a call yesterday from a nice lady inquiring about a tent site for the evening. I like that she told me what she wanted and I didn't have to play twenty questions. I gave her my rates and she quipped, "Oh and that includes breakfast and dinner." I laughed and told her it sure did, that I would be happy with whatever she prepared. It is so refreshing to talk to people who "get" it. When they arrived I was outside shoveling rock (I told you this was a glamorous lifestyle) and her husband put down his window and asked if this was the campground that provided meals. Oh, no sir, you must be at the wrong place" I said, laughing. "Well, she said you did!" He said as he pointed to his wife. "Oh, her," I said, "She's delusional." We all had a good laugh as they checked in. Nice people...... so refreshing. Like the gentleman I checked in last week, coming in from weeding. I apologized for my ever dirty fingernails and he didn't miss a beat as he told me they looked a lot better than his.......... He had no hand, but a hook mechanism that he was very adept with. I like my job when I get to meet people such as these.

Some one asked what the dumbest question I had ever been asked was. I thought for a moment and almost chose the woman who wanted to know if she should exit the pool in the event of lightning (she phrased it differently). I think the absolute dumbest would be "Is this a campground?" I have been asked that on the phone after answering the ring with "Kan-do Kampground, may I help you?" and by someone who has pulled into the park, passing the signage that says this is a campground and looking around at the various campsites occupied with tents and RV's. This question is usually followed by "Do you let people camp here?". I bite my tongue a lot. Sometimes I just can't help myself and I will give a witty reply which is usually received with a blank look indicating they have not a clue what I am talking about.

Now I must go and mop. The pool and the pond are over flowing and we have a washout on one of our roads. Love of my life is up and no longer snoring blissfully. He is on the bobcat. He thinks he can stop Mother Nature. I think he will just create a bigger mess. I cannot convey this to him, though. I refuse to speak to the man until he fixes the roof. Let's see who can last the longest.....

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Sandi McBride said...

LOVELY LOVELY Kathy! So much fun to read you hon! The dumbest question, lol...I'll bet there's been to many to count for you, too!