Monday, June 22, 2009

Could This Day Be Longer?

The temperature is approaching the 100 degree mark as the humidity soars. I painted the back side of a new fence this morning and finished just as the first car full of swimmers arrived. I still have paint on my toes and I think in my hair. I was awash in sweat and haven't been able to grab a quick shower yet. It is 4 PM now, so I give up on that shower until bedtime. I will paint more as soon as that wicked sun goes down.

"I can't believe the crowd in that pool!" says the woman, as she signs herself in, along with three children. She repeats this three times as she also is exclaiming about the heat. I cannot help but wonder why she finds the fact that so many have escaped the heat of the day in the pool so fascinating. Does she think that her idea to cool off is unique? Now she is going on and on about how nice the air conditioning feels in she stands half in, half out of the door. I have to tell her to please close the door, that it defeats the purpose of the air conditioner to have it open. She agrees whole heartily while still standing with her body in the door. I finally had to go and kind of push her along to be able to shut the door. It has been a very long day and I would love to tilt back this chair and doze off. Only ten minutes would refresh me. It is not to be. I have spent the entire day reminding folks to shut the door to the wicked outdoor heat or to shut the freezer or cooler door and view the contents via the clear glass.

I long for winter on days like this. My mind is racing with things that need doing and I am being held prisoner behind this counter. Children roam in and out unattended by adult supervision, twenty dollar bills in hand..... They have no clue how to count change and I could easily rip them off and they would be none the wiser. The saddest part is that the parents probably wouldn't know either. A child just handed me two quarters and a five dollar bill for a candy bar costing 75 cents. I gave her the quarters back, then 4 ones and a quarter back from the five. She was so confused. She looks to be about 11. Don't they teach children how to count change and handle money in grammar school? Her father teaches at the local grammar school.......... go figure.

All this humidity and extreme heat have combined to make the mosquito population reach untold capacity. The bat population that used to keep them at bay has diminished due to some sort of cave fungus.....but I am selling a lot of bug spray and have found that people will pay almost anything for a can of Deep Woods OFF. I am down to my last can and have sent love of my life on a mission to obtain more, along with the nasty frozen pizzas and burgers the local pool goers feed their children. I have one family that comes here every day. The kids will eat a pizza or burger while they are here, followed by ice cream and candy. Before leaving they will purchase another pizza or burger to take home. Besides the lack of nutrition involved in this, how does one afford to do this every single day. Who am I to question?

Now that Drew has left to pick up supplies.... RV's are checking in and I have no doubt that something will go awry now that I am on my own. Cynicism seems to be the mood of the day.....


luksky said...

I thought Texas was the only state that was experiencing triple digits temps. And no, they obviously do not teach skills children will need in the outside world in our PS system...hence the reason I homeschool. :-)

Missy said...

Cynicism is my mood of the day too. I put it on my facebook. :o(

ellen abbott said...

That's one of my one can count change anymore. They just crumple it up in a wad and shove it at you. If the cash register didn't tell them how much to give back, they would be totally incapable.

re the air conditioning...around here it's 'in or out, kids, in or out!'.