Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Girl, Gramma's Love

Meet Maya. This is my 51/2 year old granddaughter. She is the oldest of three adorable little girls that belong to my son and his wife. She is Daddy's girl and Gramma's love. She is sweet and sensitive with a shy little voice and long,long legs. She is cautious with her smiles and kisses. She is the helpful big sister and Gavin's best cousin. She came into our lives shortly after she was born and we all fell in love with that tiny little peanut that she was.

Awhile back she asked me to make her a dress with watermelons on it. She even saw some fabric while we were choosing a pattern. It was all wrong for the dress she was pajama fabric. My son and I carefully steered her to a different selection and she was happy with what we bought that day (I think because Daddy chose it), but Gramma has been on the lookout since for that illusive watermelon dress.

A thorough search (pawing through) of my stash yielded no trusty substitute. An on-line search failed, as well. Found some, but Gramma is a thrifty soul and didn't want Maya to have a dress she couldn't run and play in and rip and get dirty without Gramma having a small stroke.

Aha........ Gramma spied the trusty fabric from afar and could not resist fulfilling the long ago request. Gramma even paid full price! This is unheard of! Gramma always shops the bargain aisle! But, Gramma loves Maya. The pre-shirred fabric is designed for an older and taller child. Gramma has such a dilemma! She stands in the fabric department holding the bolt of fabric by her side and imagining where Maya's sweet head would be next to her. It is way too long. Gramma lays the bolt on the cutting counter to think as she strokes the watermelons. Gramma has an epiphany!! She will lose the black border and use the applique stitch to "hem" around the watermelon rinds with a thick green thread. Problem solved!

Perfect length. "Don't turn around, Maya, the back of your dress is dirty!" Little girls love to play in the sand and rocks and ride their bikes. Little sister Jada has asserted herself into the picture and Mommy is holding Baby Zara who's kissable little feet are in the picture.
My sweet little granddaughters have gone home and I am ready to sew another batch of dresses to play in! I miss them. I miss the little arms around my neck. I miss the noise and the chatter of little (and not so little) voices. I miss the trusting eyes that allow me to help wash little hands. I miss the sweet weight of a sleepy baby and the feel of her tight curls against the pads of my fingers as I rub her little nappy head and swoon with that tender love that only a sleeping child can induce.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Well, you couldn't not fall in love with such a beautiful child. The little sister looks totally edible too. What a truly delightful post. Your grandma love just oozes through the PC screen at me. You are all so lucky to have each other. That dress is pure genius too. i wish I could sew but i am fairly useless with my hands. Wonderful post Kathy.

Lover of Life said...

I loved your post. It sounded just like a grandma that every little girl would love to have. Your little girls are just adorable.

So is that dress! It turned out perfectly.

ellen abbott said...

I know just exactly what you mean. Those sweet little things that look up at you with adoring eyes and slip their little hands in yours. Sigh. My granddaughters are older now, the youngest is 8 and the older two are now 11. But they still love me in their older girl ways and I still adore them.

Your sweethearts are beautiful.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Lovely little granddaughter.
Loved the post and great to see you again ~ Eddie

luksky said...

Love, love, the little dress. You are just the type grandma that every child needs. :-)

lovelyprism said...

Aww Kathy they are so adorable! I don't know how I will ever get by when my kids move out. And if they give me grandchildren who don't live close by I may be a very grumpy Grandma! And I love the dress! You know what I loved best? The little tiny foot in the picture. I love baby feet.

SkippyMom said...

I don't read blogs to make me cry, but dangit Gramma - you have done it twice today.

Your grandchidren are so wonderful and although I was [again] saving my comments until I finished reading I [again] have to say...

Tiny tears fall as I read about beautiful Maya's lovely dress - My grandma made me three dresses when I was 7 years old and I cherished them - she didn't usually do such "frivolous" sewing as a girls dress, but she made me mine.

I sleep every night under a quilt that contains scraps from those dresses. I miss her so much, but I was so loved. As I can see your grandchildren are.