Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heat Wave

It is hot outside. It is hot inside. As the temperature rises, the pool goers increase. Such a shame that they leave their intelligence at home (that is if they had any to start with). I cringe to think what kind of mess I will encounter at the pool this evening........

The woman enters the store with a toddler in her arms and she has a look of total panic on her face. We make eye contact and I wait to see what atrocity she is about to report. Nothing. She just gazes at me, so I ask if I can help her. Same look of panic when she says they want to swim. I ask how many people. Four. I tell her the total is $10. She gives me a 20 and 2 ones. I hand the ones back to her and give her a ten. Expression has not changed. She still looks panic stricken and now she appears to be confused about the money. This is the kind of clientele this day is bringing. I prefer to stay in here and not even look at the pool. I hear a banging noise and go out to investigate. A child of maybe 8 years is systematically beating the cold drink vending machine with a huge bottle of water. Not a parent in sight of this little dear to monitor his activities. "What are you doing?" I ask. He keeps hitting the machine and just gazes at me as I tell him to stop, then yell at him to stop. The yelling got his attention.

I feel like I am starring in a bad sci-fi movie and there is something in the water that is turning people stupid. It has been this way all week. A young girl comes into the store yesterday to tell me that it is too hot at our pool. She wants to hook up a hose and play in the water. She apparently thinks this a reasonable request and cannot believe it when I say no. One of the campers tells me that last weekend she had to leave the pool area with her children because a couple was having sex in the pool! Don't tell me this after the fact when there is nothing I can do. Tell me when it happens so that I can publicly humiliate the two and kick them out of the park. She goes on to tell me that the were tossing their baby around like a beach ball. I can't fix it if I don't know about it. Really, I am in a bad movie.

So I am sitting here in my prison, hiding from the reality of my world, counting the hours left in this day. I am looking forward to having all the pipeline workers living here in the park. It will be nice to have a sense of community and see the same faces every day. I think I have camp host burn-out. Little things annoy me greatly and the constant destruction of property is getting to me. I feel like I never catch up on any project. I am working on new picnic tables currently. WE bought 10 kits of pre-cut, pre-drilled 2x6 lumber. We assembled the first one and I decided that they would be easier to paint in pieces. We have to replace tables frequently, as some folks will actually set a grill on the table top and end up setting it on fire. They will also take a hatchet and chop wood and end up chopping the table. I am not kidding, you can't make this stuff up!

Fifty one swimmers today and a full campground. The door to the store is open more than it is closed. It is only 3:15! How can that be? I feel like I have been here for at least 12 hours! Guess I should at least run a broom through the bathrooms and stock the toilet paper. My throat is still sore and I am not having fun!


Jilly said...

:( Hope it gets better

lovelyprism said...

Wow. I am so not a people person. I probably would have gone postal on someone by now.

ellen abbott said...

I will never again complain about my job.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah the public, the great unwashed as we call them here in the UK. The eejits with their brains bashed out! How do you stand it>

Lover of Life/ Nancy said...

What about hiring some help? Or is that just another problem?

Sandi McBride said...

Are you sure it's NOT the water? I'd get it checked with the health dept, then fix a nice tall glass of Long Island Tea!~ Time to relax, Kath!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Jilly--It will be better when you get here!

LP-I am ashamed (proud) to say that I have had some moments...

Ellen-I guess every job has it's bad side.....but I LIVE here!

MOB--"the great unwashed" I love it! I will be using that!

Nancy--I do have help on the weekends. Hiring local help has proved to be a nightmare. Remember, these are the same local people I complain about!

Sandi--We do have the water tested monthly, but the drink sounds good. Maybe I should start the day with one and then I wouldn't be so annoyed by idiocy!!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Oh - My - Gosh! That does not sound like a fun summer day at all. I had no idea there were this many idjits in the world. The sex in the pool is just amazing. The undisciplined kids don't surprise me. I see that so often in so many places.

But, the glass of Long Island Iced Tea sounds pretty good. LOL! A BIG glass of it should have you pretty relaxed in no time.

Kathy G said...

We're having cooler weather today. Hope you are too!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Kathy
Glad I popped over today to read this travesty of how mankind misbehaves. What morons you have to deal with. Is this the norm?
I am utterly amazed at the behaviour and Homo Sapiens sometimes. Animals is too kind a word.
Is this typical of their behaviour?
Sex in a public pool!! Vandalising your property!! Kids out of control!!! I think the woman confused with the money must be a druggy!!!
Oh well I'll just have to write some funny stuff to cheer you up.
Sorry I cannot call round often - I'd like to but I am sure you will appreciate my time is rather limited.
I enjoyed you being in my Grand National and sorry I had to peg you out and hang you out to dry.
We have a saying here: "Don't let the bastards get you down!"
Very nest wishes ~ Eddie x

Joy and Phil said...

Your book is going to be a BEST SELLER! Just think about all the money and fame these stories are going to make and create for you! Get-R-done girl and find a publisher. Actually, you could probably self publish and sell it from your blog. Eliminate the cut for the middle man!
Hang in there girl, winter's coming sooner than you think :)

Missy said...

Ugh....that is a bad day. I'm with the people voting for the Long Island Iced Tea! Also just read about your dogs. We had 2 that we lost within a week of each other-really odd and heart breaking. Also, one went fin, the other experience was one that still makes me feel bad. I still have guilt and miss thme so much and it's been almost 8 years! :o(

Pat said...

Being a "full-timer", (one who lives and travels full time in an RV), it's so interesting to see how the other side lives! I would think that most campers are nice, but there are those who are complete idiots - we've seen a few in our day. I could never run a campground - I'm too much of a wuss to yell at people! Just keep thinking, "This, too, shall pass!"