Monday, June 29, 2009

I Overslept!

I struggled through the day yesterday with my ear hurting and feeling wretched. I was glad it was a Sunday and I would close at 6:00. Love of my life was at work. He always seems to be absent when I could really use some help.........

Didn't close until 7:30. I waited for a late arrival and did laundry for one of the pipe-liners. He likes a heavy starch in his shirt and I volunteered to take in his laundry. I like the extra money, but I like the whole laundry process. I feel very accomplished when I fold and neatly stack the items. I like the smell of freshly laundered clothes and I especially like to iron. I find the monotony to be relaxing. It makes the day not seem as long if I have a something to do while I cater to the swimming crowd. Enough about my weird fetish.

So, when I finally closed I rummaged through the medicine cabinet and took what I hoped was cold medication that would allow me to sleep. Must not have been, because I was wide awake at 11:30 when the husband came home. It was starting to wear off by then and I watched TV until I finally feel to sleep. I slept until almost 9:30. That is a rare event and I am now paying the price for that sleep.

I dragged my near voiceless self into the kitchen and stood watching the coffee drip ever so slowly into the carafe. I poured a cup when there was enough to pour and started to really wake up. Intending to indulge myself in some serious blog reading, I arranged myself and my canine followers upon the couch with the laptop and flipped on the Today show to see even more coverage of the death of the famous child molester........... I really need an hour to gear up for the day ahead. I like to be able to brush my teeth and wash my face before asked to present myself to the world at large. Alas, it was not to be. Two cars of women and children arrive at barely 10:00. I am still sipping my bitter brew, clad in my trusty nite shirt that asks "Y are you such an idiot?". I refuse to respond to the door--I don't open until 11:00 and it is clearly posted on the door. I gather myself reluctantly and throw on some shorts and a shirt.

My early morning intruders chose not to wait and simply went to pool. It should have been locked, but love of my life was so tired last night he didn't look for the key. We let the robot clean while we sleep and pull it out in the morning. It is powered by electricity and by all standards should be safe, but I don't want anyone in the pool while it is still connected to power..... you know for safety. More than that, though, I don't really want kids playing with it and breaking it. And all this is moot, since the pool wasn't officially open and therefore they were trespassers.

Suffice it to say that this did not start my day right and I had to bite my tongue to keep my sarcastic nature under control. I politely told them that I was concerned for the well being of the children with the robot still connected to power and that we have a cleaning process we perform each morning before we open the pool. They seemed to find this amusing and told me that they were early risers and wanted to get the day started. I then apologized for my apparent tardiness and told them that I am normally up and about much earlier, but that due to the fact that I have been ill all weekend I seemed to have over slept. They took my sarcasm as a joke and chastised me for not being up when they wanted to be here. No. I kid you not. I simply walked away before my other personality came forth to slay them.

And so begins another week in paradise. I sit here counting nickels and dimes and telling children who are clearly pubescent how many items of nutritionally valueless food their money will buy. I wonder aloud to one girl (the same one who wanted me to hook up a garden hose for her to play in, because the water in my pool wasn't cold enough) about the grade in school that teaches the children to count money and make change. She proudly informed me that she was "way past" that in her studies. I suggested that she take a refresher course. This comment went "way past" her mental capabilities.

I used to worry about offending these people and losing their business. I have come to realize that it would be impossible to do so while sinking to their level of comprehension. I need to lock up for awhile and go pull weeds or some other menial task and get a grip, so that I can acquire a better attitude with which to finish the day. I read this and think that I sound a little surly....... no, that's not it........... I think the word I am looking for is bitchy.


ellen abbott said...

And who could blame you for that! You are a marvel.

We shared the business phone as our home phone up until just a few years ago. Amazing how many customers would call on Sunday or at night once they found that out. I rudely told one of them one Sunday if he called back during the week during business hours, I would be glad to answer his question. Then I hung up. Individuals are rarely repeat customers in my line of work and I had his money so I felt safe doing that.

Lover of Life/ Nancy said...

Let me understand, - you take in laundry, too??

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, now open your mouth and say "ahhhhh"...hmmm...I think you have an infected throat and a wonky nasal chicken soup and bed for you my girl! I'll take no backchat from you either! Let LOYL slay the dragons you call guests for a bit...get some rest!!!
"Doctor" Sandi

lovelyprism said...

I cannot believe someone went in the pool before anything was actually open! I would never! There are some really brilliant people where you live.

scarlethue said...

Thanks for the momma-ing, I need some extra sometimes, especially since mine is way far out of town until tomorrow. I'll be glad when she gets back.

I can't stand stupidity and it sounds like you deal with it on a nearly daily basis. Well, I do too I suppose. It's a drawback to being human.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Ellen-The business line is also the house line and I have learned to screen the calls. Those middle of the night calls are scary, though, and I will answer without looking at the caller ID......just in case it is family.

Nancy-I like to stay busy. It is something I can do in between customers. And it is extra $$!

Sandi-The dragon slayer is at work!

LP-I sometimes think I have seen it all, then another incident will baffle me.....

Scarlethue-My mother used to tell me I was smarter than everyone else. I have come to realize that she may have been right!