Thursday, June 11, 2009

Full Moon.... Forever?

Stuck here in this chair listening to my grandson sing the same lyrics over and over while checking in customers, I have discovered a new ability to respond to people without listening to them.....

Gavin talks non-stop and that is no exaggeration! He talks throughout the check-in process and I am learning to phase him out so that I can concentrate on the absurd requests I seem to be getting. I talked about the strange weekend of the full moon and I only touched on it. After the people of the crazy hormonal pregnant woman left it continued. A very nice older gentleman came in and wanted a site for the night on Saturday. No reservation and I was a little on the full side, so I like to take a look at the RV so I can place it the park with some efficiency to space. I like to leave some pull-throughs open and available for those travelers towing vehicles so that they don't have to unhook in order to fit into a space. I asked the nice man if he minded backing in to a spot since he was driving a small class C that was self-contained. He was agreeable and I asked Drew to escort him, since you can't see the site number when you are backing in.

I will emphasize again that the man was so nice......... Drew comes and takes them to the site and I put them out of my mind. Phone rings, love of my life tells me to give them their money back. He is highly agitated as he conveys this to me. When I ask why, he tells me that the woman is a crazy bitch and can't be pleased! He tells me that when they pulled in, she jumped out and started yelling that she did not come camping to be around "all these people". The nice man comes back into the office where I am prepared to give him his money back. He sheepishly asks if I have any other sites because his wife didn't like "that one". I show him the map of the park and hi-lite all the sites that are currently occupied. He chooses a double site and I tell him that I cannot guarantee that the other site will stay unoccupied. He tells me that his wife doesn't want to be close to other people.......... I squelch my urge to tell him if that is the case, perhaps he should consider going home.

He tries the next site and once again she expresses her displeasure to Drew and once again I count out his refund and have it ready in my hand awaiting the return of the poor nice man. Drew seizes the opportunity to place them in one of the brand new sites on the other side of the park and off they go to settle in. They are successfully isolated from the other campers.......

Mission accomplished? No, now she wants a discount because we put them away from everyone else!!!!!!!!! I give the nice man 10 percent of his money back, although I feel they should have to pay more for being such a pain. The rest of that afternoon I made it my mission to populate the area around them and was able to put a huge group of tent campers close to them. Ah, sweet revenge.

It has been like this all week and as it is Friday again I find myself dreading this afternoon when the weekenders will start pulling in. Yesterday I checked in a couple and the husband comes back to say his wife is afraid of electrical lines that run overhead. They want a shady site and the shady sites were built in the 60's before it was prudent to run all the lines underground. the new sites are shaded.....but no sewer hook-ups and they can't be without that they say. They are only staying one night and could dump their tanks before leaving, but that would be too inconvenient. I give up.

A couple of hours later as it is getting dusky outside a truck pulling a camper shows up. I watch from the window as the man sits in his truck for at least 10 minutes before finally coming in. Then he stands talking to me, telling me that he needed to get away for awhile and he stopped here because he saw my sign on the interstate. Okay........ He then tells me again that he needed to get away and he doesn't know how long he will stay here, but "let's start with one night". I push to registration form to him for the third time as he tells me that he has been talking to his wife and telling her that he doesn't know when he will come home. When I can finally get a word in I tell him to fill out the registration, please (PLEASE, PLEASE). Still talking, his flips his wallet open and tells me his daughter just died and that she was only 38. He displays her picture for me as I murmur "I am so sorry". I don't dare ask how she died as I am afraid that he will tell me and be in the office all night. I am thankful that my daughter is in the living room watching TV and is only a shout away. The guy was making me uncomfortable and Drew was at work.

He fills in the required information slowly talking all the while. He is disabled. He is a veteran. He can stay at the state park for only $14 a night. He paid $40 for a spot at a KOA last night. I don't care. Just pay and go park, PLEASE.

Have you ever been talking about some one and they suddenly appear? Well, that JUST happened! You will all be happy to know that the aforementioned guest has decided to head home and help his wife figure out what to do with their granddaughter...... What a guy!

My daughter has informed me that I am not supposed to be blogging while she is here...... Whatever, she is laying by the pool with a new found friend and her child is with Papa. I am taking my morning break after shoveling rock and cleaning bathrooms. It is Friday and I am stuck in here for the remainder of the day and I will blog if I want to. So there.


Jilly said...

Your last three blogs say Thursday, June 11.
Why'd you give the crazy lady 10% back?!? Sometimes you're too nice.

Missy said...

You continually crack me up!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Jilly-Gave the man the money because I knew his life must be a living hell and would only get worse if he returned to his lovely wife without the money.

Missy--Perhaps you would like to take over for me when the moon is full again?

scarlethue said...

I love your reasoning for giving the 10% back :)

What a crazy week you've had. At least you have a space to vent (and make us all laugh!).

luksky said...

I am with "Missy" continually crack me up too!

lovelyprism said...

LOL... blog on!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

God knows how you stay sane!