Monday, July 3, 2017

The Mouse In The House

In the midst of the festivities going on all around me, I made a mad dash into my domicile to check on the animals and get a bathroom break for myself.

Being the selfless one that I am, I tended to my pets first. As I was opening the back door, I noticed that Eddie was intent on playing with the many toys he had gathered at the door. He always has a menagerie of toys at the door, sometimes he will choose one to take outside with him. I was in a bit of a hurry and almost missed the fact that the "toy" Eddie was playing with was alive.

The mouse seemed to be happy to play with Eddie. He would pick him up and them put him down in order to chase the rodent. I demanded that Eddie "get the mouse". Eddie looked up at me and the mouse scurried under the cabinet. I was not upset with Eddie, he is just a baby. I was, however, annoyed with Martha, the boy cat, Martha was right there in the midst of the action, He was watching and made no move to retrieve the mouse. He just stared at the tiny rodent, as if deeming it to be too small to interest him. Martha being a big game hunter of rabbits and squirrel and once a crow.

How did the mouse get into the house? Not sure. HeWho fixes things could be to blame. He recently replace the door knob on the back door. The old one was locking upon closing and required a screw driver to open it. HeWho procrastinates bought the new door knob immediately, but chose to "fix" the situation with some strips of electrical tape. Didn't really work and made the lady of the house complain. When he finally installed the new knob, it would not close properly. I woke one morning to find the door open. I wonder why a mouse would want to take refuge in a house full of animals, but, I am not a mouse and apparently Eddie befriends all the creatures he meets.

It is just as likely that Martha, the boy cat, brought the mouse to his favorite canine. While Toni Louise, the only female in the pack, lacks any maternal instincts whatsoever, Martha seems to think that Eddie is his baby. Martha grooms Eddie and Eddie can bite Martha and jump on him ..... things the other dogs would not dare to try.

Doesn't matter how the mouse got in the house. The mouse must go. Traps have been set.

Eddie and Cujo .... waiting for their cat.


Joanne Noragon said...

Animals build such fascinating intimacies.

Val said...

Eddie leads a charmed life. That mouse? Probably not so much...

Linda O'Connell said...

Eddie wins them over! I think you should write a children's book about Eddie.

Linda O'Connell said...

Eddie wins them over! I think you should write a children's book about Eddie.