Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Open To Suggestions

I am open to suggestion .......

How to make people pick up after their animals? Today is mowing day. The dog park gets mowed on Mondays and Thursdays. Who does this task? Why, me, of course. I am usually not so incensed on Thursdays. Mondays, however, are awful. It is hot, the sun baking down as I police the park for poop and scoop up not one, not two, but six very substantial droppings. Had to have been big dogs, making me think back to all the dogs I saw this weekend.

The tenter that comes to mind is the woman who took two big dogs into the ladies room with her. I know this, because I was cleaning and restocking when she stood waiting at the door. Why, I wondered did she need to take the dogs into the restroom? I admit that I checked after she exited to see if the dogs had relieved them selves. They didn't and might be wonderful, obedient dogs for all I know.

I thought of her because she was the reason for most of my misery on Saturday. During the parade, as we were dropping dogs and dragging them she called me three times about a tent site. Every question she asked could have been answered on the website she told me she was looking at while she talked to me. To say that I was extremely busy Saturday would be an understatement. She came into the office and began with questioning me about tent sites. She then told me that her daughter was "having a fit" on 58 because she saw that big RV's were parked on the sites around her.

First of all, it is customary to check-in and be assigned a site before you begin setting up. Though I voiced this, it seemed to not matter to her. Thinking she was on site 58 I marked that spot as taken and moved on with my day. Thanks to many helping hands I was able to get the picnic area set up and ready while DJ, Best Kamper Ever!, cooked all those burgers I had hand made. HeWho was running about taking care of fire wood deliveries and interacting with all of our guests. A big rig arrived and needed a substantial spot to fit in. Since we had just hooked up sewer and had rock delivered to the newly leveled site, I drew the route on my map to site 52 and sent the people to the site. I no sooner went back outside to finish setting up tables and getting the area ready to receive covered dishes than my phone went off.

HeWho usually texts me was calling "Why did you put a tent on 52?" I responded that I did not put a tent on 52 and went on to ask him if he thought I had lost my mind and why would I use one of my few 50 amp sites left for a tent. I must have been on speaker, or maybe I was talking loud, because I heard the woman say I had assigned the site to her!

This is when it all fell apart. That rig went to a spot already reserved for a rig that had called to come in a day early. As luck would have it, another huge rig pulled in without reservations and I insisted that HeWho is non-confrontational go make the tent woman mover her vehicles, because, although I was told there were only three people and one of them a child; they had three tents and three vehicles.

Now I was left to find a space for the day early arrivals. I put them in a water and electric site and compensated them with a $12 discount. The man said that he was okay with that and he was the only person I dealt with during their stay. As I always do, I invited them to join us at the pavilion for food and entertainment and later fireworks. I have no idea if they came over to participate.

I got a call Sunday morning from a very irate woman with a litany of complaints. She began with her reserved site being given away. I apologized and told her I thought I had compensated them. I could barely get a word in. She then told me they had no water on their site. I remembered then that DJ had told me that the man had approached him and he had taken care of it by adding a "Y" to another hydrant that was working. I told her that and she told me that she was not notified that the problem had been resolved.

Her next complaint was that the ladies' room shower had no cold water. I apologized again and told her there were two other showers in the park. Once again, nobody "told her". I always go over the map and tell people where all the amenities are located. Most people do not pay attention to what I say (proof would be the dog poop, because I always point out the dog park and tell them they are welcome to use it, as long as they clean up after their dogs). Not only that, if you are not present when I say these things ...... should I be required to follow you to your site and prepare a speech for all present in the camper?

The woman was so intent on complaining that I could barely get a word in ...... and let me assure you, that does not happen often! She wanted a refund for the $26 I charged them. It was on a charge card and I guess she thought that I could access that information. You do realize that once the transaction has occurred, that information is no longer accessible to the merchant. If I have taken your information on the phone, the very first thing I do after you set off to your site is destroy that information with a black marker. I had to get somewhat rude to make her hear me and give me the credit card information again. I did refund her, although I didn't think I should have. I realize she will no doubt give me a bad review and never ever stay here again.

But, it is tent lady with the two big dogs and numerous vehicles, who, apparently cannot read numbers that remains a thorn in my side. She is the one who set the chain of events in motion and the dog poop was just the right size for her dogs!!


Debby said...

Put up some of those fake security cameras in the dog poop area. Maybe if they think they are being watched...

Also, provide poopy bags and a trash can if you don't already.

Must be a very busy time for you. I hope you can at least, find some time for fun. Happy 4th.

Val said...

I like the fake security camera idea! With a sign proclaiming the possibility of extra charges after three strikes, or a banning of that particular canine if the owner doesn't scoop the poop.

Joanne Noragon said...

Security cameras. No freebies.

Labbie1 said...

You didn't even give me a map or explain anything. It was like you thought I drew the map or something. LOL