Sunday, July 30, 2017


Blogger has gone wacko on me. Half of my reading list is gone! No, not inactive ones, but the ones I read regularly. I do not like this!

As if that isn't enough to keep me in a constant state of irritation, I made the mistake of reading reviews on my campground. I should know better, it will usually annoy me, since I know the whole story.

The one today was a complaint specifically directed at me. Because I was hesitant about using a debit card for a $1 purchase. I make a real effort to keep my prices as low as possible in the camp store. When you are a small business the percentage for processing credit and debit cards is higher. I run tabs for weekenders and let them pay when they leave ....... if I know them and they are frequent campers.

The complaint left out the part about the man slamming the cooler door, much like a child would, when I told him I really didn't want to run his card for just a dollar. I was going to suggest a tab, but his reaction made me decide otherwise.

Maybe he didn't understand about the processing fees and I should have been more patient. I should try to use the criticism to make myself a better person. On that note ..... I wonder how my campers would react to being "reviewed".

"Your stay at my park was uneventful. I appreciate the way your cleaned the campsite before you left. Thank you for picking up your dog poop and your trash. However, your bathroom habits were poor. Since your were the only tenant here using the facilities, I can only assume that you were the one that failed to turn the light off or even flush the toilet. You also ignored the sign asking that you not smoke in the bathroom. Perhaps you will want to try to improve on this in the future."

Wow, I feel better!


Val said...

What a great idea! You should start a website for that. Kathy's List.

ellen abbott said...

I love that! You should definitely do that.