Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Come Play Frog Toss

Thanks to Kamper Terry for his construction skills, we now have a Frog Toss Game. I have heard this game called many names .....

Bean Bag Toss, Sack Toss and my least favorite Corn Hole. I am assuming the "bean bags" were filled with kernels of corn for that particular version.

My love of frogs led me to go with my own version. Initially I was going to make the frogs myself and fill them with rice or popcorn.


That was until I found these guys online! They are filled with sand and were pretty inexpensive and now I don't have to make them.

I mowed the blade off my mower. I did not know that was possible until I did it. So, both push mowers are waiting for new blades that are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

The Grasshopper mower, the subject of a recent post ....... went back to the dealer today. Of course, HeWho mows, tows and complains had to transport it. Unlike the promise made by the Grasshopper Guy. They did provide us with a loaner. As they should be doing anyway, since they have yet to repair the problem.

Almost time to close and I refuse to raise my blood pressure now. I attempted to make a fairy for my garden ...... no pictures, let's just say I was not successful.


Val said...

Sounds like you'd rather have a Grasshopper toss! That wouldn't be good for your back, though it might be good for your blood pressure.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your frogs are too cute, and your talent is amazing. Hope you get that mower back soon.

Labbie1 said...

Love it! Not the grasshopper though.