Saturday, March 5, 2016

Women Can Use Power Tools!!

Today is a good day. The sun is shining, the electrodes are gone , all that remains is the sticky residue and slightly irritated skin. And ... I wait patiently for the appearance of the circular saw.

My dismantling of the sewing room has me inspired. A new project looms that will require the use of the circular saw. So, you might be wondering, what am I waiting for? The saw. HeWho has decided that I am not capable of executing the necessary safety precautions required to use this tool and I will "cut your fingers off!" This from the man who, while using a chain saw with no eye protection whatsoever, cut his own forehead.

I have secretly been using the chop saw, as I rearrange my sewing room to suit my needs. I carefully look around to make sure his appearance is not eminent before cutting dowels to the correct size. Safety glasses adorn my face and my fingers safely positioned away from the blade. I am very aware of safety.

I suppose HeWho would prefer my attention be in the kitchen creating masterpiece meals that take hours to prepare and only minutes to eat. I can do both. The pork loin from my last post cooked for 5 hours, roasting ever so slowly in the oven, wrapped in aluminum foil. Five hours that I used to do two loads of laundry and move half of the stuff in my sewing room. See, honey, I can manage several tasks at the same time!

I ventured out to his lair in search of that circular saw. I think he has either hidden it, or has it in his car! He is determined that I not use this saw and I am equally determined that I will. As soon as he returns to the park, I intend to search his vehicle. On the sly, of course. I just hope I am not distracted by all the crap in his car and decide to clean it out and organize it.

I did that once to his truck. He had taken my car to visit his mom in Georgia and he had to leave the keys to the truck, in case I needed a means of transportation. It was a balmy Spring day, before the pool was open and I took advantage of some solitude to empty the truck of all it contents ( most ended up in the dumpster) and then sacrificed some of my own bins from my sewing room to organize all his stuff. He uses his vehicle to drive to sites and fix stuff. I put all the electrical supplies together, all of the plumbing supplies together and all of the items he needs for grounds maintenance together. Then I sub-divided that stuff into like items. I really like to organize stuff. Makes me happy. I was excited to present his newly clean and organized vehicle to him upon his return.

I don't think he really appreciated all my efforts. He kept questioning me about where this or that was. Maybe I should just uncover the circular saw and do my own thing, put it back and he will be none the wiser. Yep, that is a better plan.


Val said... careful. You don't want the nickname of "Nub."

ellen abbott said...

I've used a circular saw many times. I don't like it though as I find it hard to make straight cuts. I've been doing sort of the same thing, organizing the shop. I left one area for him to do...the mold making stuff. still undone so I guess I'll end up doing that too.

Kathy G said...

Good luck with your plan :-) Our circular saw is noisy, and I really don't like to use it. Unless I really have to.