Sunday, March 13, 2016

All About The Frog

Even though I did not turn my clocks back last night, it was an hour later when I got up. This so disturbed my routine that I stayed in my night clothes until nearly noon. By my clocks it was only 11:00. Being in my nighty kept me from having to deal with the public. HeWho took care of that .... because I was not dressed.

The door was still locked when a man showed up. Since we moved the security monitor to the wall with the TV ( used to be on a wall behind me and I had to actually get up to see it) I was able to watch as HeWho spoke to him. Couldn't hear, though.

The man was looking for Frog Auto Parts and saw the frog on my sign. So, he saw a frog, but he didn't read the sign that identifies us as an RV park and Campground. Not to mention all the RV's parked here. He just thought this might be the auto parts store .... because he saw a frog on two of my signs. The signs that also have words on them.

Maybe he didn't change his clocks either.


Val said...

A person who would name their business Frog Auto Parts would probably also be in pajamas at noon.

Anonymous said...

People are just too funny.

ellen abbott said...

With the state of education in this country he probably can't read.