Thursday, March 10, 2016

Swift Truck Drivers Beware

While I was chair ridden the past few months, I didn't run out and shake my fist at big trucks turning around in my driveway. It doesn't stop them, but they do tend to be more careful under my watchful glare. As you can see , the daffodils are still coming up, despite being plowed through.

They came real close to the soaker hose that runs through the center of this garden. Some of the smaller rocks are even smaller.

This particular garden was a big mound of dirt that I had finally tamed into a garden anchored with a big peony in the center. Daffodils and tulips bring Spring in, then give way to ground cover and mums with tiger lilies behind the peony. Cosmos fill in any blank spaces. Or, this is what use to happen.

These big rocks were all pushed forward as the truck dragged it's trailer through.

The solar lights are no longer intact, just more debris to be cleaned up.

As you can see there is plenty of room for a wide turn. I am turning all my considerable creative thoughts towards find something to install on that corner to discourage drivers from driving through my flower beds. I have already come up with some ideas that have been vetoed by HeWho. Like some spikes that would damage the tires. HeWho is afraid a big truck will get stuck here and block our driveway. Suggestions are always welcome ....


Kathy G said...

How about some REALLY big boulders...the kind that have to be hauled in by truck and placed by crane.

Val said...

I would get a couple of old rocking chairs from a flea market or auction. Then, if I was as crafty as you, I would make some little ol' stuffed grannies, life-size, and put them in the rockers, and put the rockers on that area. Surely even a trucker would try to avoid a granny, even if it was fake. How's he gonna look if he crushes an ol' granny in a rocker?

ellen abbott said...

a motion detection camera that snaps pictures of the license plate as the truck is plowing through and a sign before the garden explaining so and that the driver will be financially responsible for any damage incurred to said garden while they turn.