Friday, March 18, 2016

A Nap Well Deserved

Wednesday was amazing. 80 degrees of perfection. Then the winds picked up and the sky was bruised, just as the day was closing. I mowed Wednesday.

March is too soon to have to mow. This means I have nearly eight months of mowing to look forward to. But, yesterday I absolutely had to mow my back yard. The grass was so tall it was making wet underbellies on my dogs.

Before I started up the mower, I finished painting the eaves and my two Adirondack chairs. Then worked more in the sewing room project. I suppose I should have finished this before starting more projects, but ........

I am happy to say I can finally get to my sewing machine again. I have restacked and repacked and moved every single item in that room. And cleaned every single surface at least twice. I am so inspired to start some new projects in there. I found so many fabrics I had forgotten I had. I lovingly ran my fingers over each piece and promised to meet again soon before I placed them in a new home.

The store and office now await my attention. I gave all my efforts to the restrooms on Tuesday. While I was sick, I relied on the efforts of HeWho does not know the meaning of deep cleaning. If it does not involved some sort of loud motor, he can't do it. He neglected to line the trashcans (denied it, saying "someone else" must have emptied them). I had a very long afternoon as I put everything back to right.

My current tenant (over-user of hot water) had pretty much taken over the men's room. He had all of his toiletries on display and cigarette ashes adorned the floor, in spite of the two signs that identify the prohibition of such behavior. He also rearranged the room, putting the bench next to the shower in front of the toilet. Made me wonder if he dined in there with the hot water on, creating a sauna .....

I made another "no smoking" sign. Just for him, it states that this is a smoke free building and should I find someone smoking in there, they will be "asked" to move elsewhere. In case you are wondering how I could be able to catch him? I have a camera focused on that door and can see who enters and exits. I simply wait for him to come out the door. I don't even have to be close to smell cigarette smoke. I have a good sniffer.

This same troublesome tenant has acquired a dog. He is not picking up after this pit bull and I have spies that tell me the dog is often off leash. His rent is due early next week. He may just want to move on after I demand to see proof of the dog's distemper and rabies vaccine and then tell him I expect him to police the surrounding sites and pick up all the dog poop. This little problem was just brought to my attention by another tenant. One that pays their rent when it is due.

Today, it rained. And I napped for nearly two hours in my chair with one dog nestled next to me and one laying on my chest. It was wonderful!!


Val said...

Give that guy the boot! I'm sure you can organize your paying tenants into a suitable mob with pitchforks and flaming torches.

Linda O'Connell said...

That guy sounds challenged. You have such a burst of energy, still painting...are you pregnant?

Anonymous said...

Throw the bum out. Using the hot water and the smoking would be enough for me to toss him out. I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes. He needs to move to his own place, way out in the middle of nowhere.

ellen abbott said...

I think when he came in to pay his rent I would ask him to leave since he finds it difficult to follow the rules.