Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dreams, Dogs, and Drugs

The hounds woke me at 5:50 this morning. I thought to myself, that it would be 6:50 should they wake at the same time tomorrow. I am clever like that in the wee hours. No, I did not stay up. The canines were not interested in staying up, either. They were happy to crawl back under the covers and snuggle close to me.

It was drizzling rain when they went out and got their undercarriage wet and feet dirty. I had already decided to change the sheets today, so I scooped them into bed, dirt and all. I fell back to sleep quickly and it seemed that no time had past when I felt HeWho leave the bed. The dogs all looked expectantly at him and I announced that it was his turn to take them out.

I wanted to recapture the dream I had been awakened from. I can't remember what the dream was about, all I can remember is that my Dad was part of it and he was telling me something that seemed to be of great importance. I am still wondering what it was. Maybe tonight ....

The early morning wake-up dog was Wall-E. He is normally the last to leave the comforts of bed, but after his day yesterday, he needed to get up early. Three of my furry kids had to see the vet yesterday for their shots and check-ups. Wall-E whined a very spine tingling high pitch all the way. Toni Louise fed off his anxiety and was not to be calmed down.

My doxies were perfect. Oscar lay in my lap and Cujo rode beside him standing against my shoulder. Toni was in the lap of HeWho was driving the vehicle. Thank goodness for back roads and little traffic! 

We always ask that Wall-E be treated to a close cropped manicure, since he refuses to let us trim his nails. He is the most docile creature in the world, until you bother his toes. He will bite! Even me! So, he gets a nice little tranquilizer upon arrival. It is always fun to watch him get mellow. He hid under a chair and gazed at us with his half-lidded eyes as Oscar took his turn being checked over.

Oscar is 16, that makes him about 82 in people years. He is hale and hearty. She proclaimed his heart to be beating very strong, no murmurs. He may outlive us all! Toni also received a good bill of health. While Oscar remained stoic while receiving his shots, Toni was not as cooperative.

Wall-E was extremely cooperative, although we all wondered if he might be hallucinating.

There he lay, on his back, oblivious to the world around him.

Didn't even blink when I snapped his picture. He is in his own world.

HeWho loves Wall-E has his hand protectively on the dog. We still had to employ the muzzle, as Wall-E tried very hard to fight off the attack of those nail clippers!!

Hard to see, but his nails have been clipped and filed down. I should have taken pictures of the clippings, so that you could fully appreciate the length of the cuts!

The ride home was nice, no whining. Wall-E lay in the back seat, so still, that at one point I had to check to see if he was still breathing. My heart jumped to my throat as I thought about having to tell my sweet grandson, Gavin, that his dog was gone. I was never so relieved to feel moist dog breath on my hand!

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Val said...

Wall-E is feelin' no pain! Hope you get your dream back.