Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I Think It Is Nap Time

My ear ache of two days ago is now a sore throat and tearing eyes, runny nose and cough. Hurts so bad to swallow. Like I have golf balls in my throat, or maybe tennis balls. My voice squeaks when I try to talk.

I have a cold. My hero, HeWho loves me most, is on a mission to get some remedies to help with my symptoms. I see a nap in my very near future. I love naps!!

In the meantime, I am answering the phone and taking reservations. This early spring means early campers! The wind is killer today, with a storm front headed our way. I will be inside today, keeping me ears out of the wind. The flowering pear trees are full of blooms, the apple trees and peach trees are following along. I really want to be outside ...... until I stand up and realize how dizzy I am.

I have signs to paint. The old ones need to be refreshed and I have some new ones in the works.

I salvaged a piece of the old cedar siding, gave it a white wash, then made this sign. My Cujo was the inspiration.

Always have to have signs outside. Lots and lots of signs.

We are updating the laundry room this year. Adding another washer, to have three. If I ever get behind in my laundry, I can do 4 loads at once!! Like when the cat yaks on my bed ...... The floors are painted and there is a drain one end. Instead of repainting the ugly floor, I am covering the exposed area with big rubber mats. A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and wipe down the walls. The walls are that cheap panel stuff that was also in the showers before we tiled them.

All the picnic tables need to be painted. For some reason known only to him, HeWho likes to gather them all in one place and leave me to the painting. I don't mind the painting, I like to paint. But, I think I should grab the paint and the brush and go to the tables to paint. Less effort.

Speaking of effort, I think it might be nap time.


Linda O'Connell said...

Kathy, I love your signs. Hope you feel better. Do you think you have sinus infection? Maybe you need an antibiotic.

Val said...

Keep an eye on your throat! You don't want to have strep.

You poor thing! I had something kind of like that a couple weeks ago. Started with dizziness, wheezing and a cough. Then moved up into my head like a regular cold. Took a while to shake it. I went through a small jar of Vicks and two boxes of Puffs.