Saturday, March 26, 2016

No Tolerance Today

I do have an appointment to see the doctor this Tuesday. It is for a follow-up on my blood work, but handy to have if I am still sick. If last night was any indication, I am pretty sure I will be.

Voice is better, but a little scary. Very deep and I sound mad, no matter what I say! I coughed all night, and It was a very long night. I am sure I kept HeWho loves me from getting a good night's sleep. I got up early and left him to get a few hours of peaceful sleep.

Seems like when you are sick, you always start to feel worse in the early evening hours. I mustered up enough energy to make a pot of chicken soup and do a load of laundry. I even prepped a few signs to get them ready to paint giant letters on. I was feeling a tad bit better when I settled down with my hot soup.

For some reason, the soup brought on a fit of coughing. The coughing would not respond to any remedy and brought my persistent headache back. A vicious cycle. Desperate for relief, I ventured to the liquor cabinet at 1:30 and grabbed a bottle of Tennessee honey whiskey and poured a good slug. I downed that, then used the Chloraseptic spray to numb my throat. It burned like fire, even in my ears. But ........ the cough came back with a vengeance. I hacked away for about an hour, then remembered seeing some cough drops in the medicine chest. I got up and retrieved one and put it in the side of my mouth, so that it would trickle slowly down my throat. I still coughed.

Today I will send HeWho runs errands for his wife to the pharmacy to ask for the strongest cough remedy available without prescription.

For some odd reason that reminded me of an incident that happened when I worked in a pharmacy. A phone call was transferred to the pharmacy and I was the lucky one to answer. The caller was irate, demanding to know where her prescription was. I took the information necessary to look her profile up and found that she had never had a prescription filled at our pharmacy. That led me to ask her if she was sure she had the right pharmacy.

That caused her to yell at me and explain that she was sure that she had purchased the magazine at this store and it had been 2 months and she still had not received her "prescription". I did my best to explain to her that the pharmacy, nor the store was responsible for magazine subscriptions. She was having none of that and proceeded to ask for the person in charge. I gave her the toll free number to the main office. Some days my tolerance for stupidity runs low. Today would be one of them.


Kathy G said...

Coughs are the worst. Here's hoping you return to health very soon.

Val said...

You need to cough it up! Don't want to get pneumonia. Your soup thinned your secretions and your body is trying to get rid of it. Try some Vicks. It might make you able to cough up your gunk.

Pretty sure you need a doctor, though. Maybe it's your ears draining that's causing that tickle in your throat, and you just need an antihistamine. Or an antibiotic if they're infected.

See the doctor!

Linda O'Connell said...

Get thee to the doctor. Try holding a cough drop on your tongue ands pressing the roof of your mouth with it. That might stop it. I have low tolerance today also. Crazies are out in full force. Hope you get some relief and sleep, my friend.

luksky said...

Although I've never tried it, I hear that fresh pineapple juice from a pineapple is better than cough medicine, but if you're not a natural remedy person make sure your cough medicine has dextromethorphan in it. Trust me on that one!