Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Up A Creek, no, Up A Tree Without A Ladder

Here it is, my blanket chest, with the dog bed on top. The dogs snubbed their noses at it. All cushy and nice, as I made it with their favorite blanket. I had no thoughts of all of them getting into the drawer, maybe only one, or two. So I could maybe stretch my legs out without bumping into one of them. I will give it another week or so, then move it. The legs are tall so that the dogs could easily get into their new bed ..... Might whack the legs down, too.

That rag rug was one of my first ones. I found an afghan at the thrift store. It was cream and red, the kind with really big openings in it, would never keep you warm. I paid $3 for it and then tore two old sheets into strips and spent a few evenings weaving the strips into the afghan. It goes well with the jeans quilt I made. The one that is so heavy you can't sleep under it. Maybe it would be a good rug??

Here is my next paint project. I scored three Adirondack chairs on craigslist for $40. Just need to sand and paint and set up some checkers for the front porch.

So glad I am feeling better. Spring is here and you will be hard put to find me with out a paintbrush in my hand and dirt under my nails. I have seedlings starting to come up inside and I am itching to dig in the dirt.

The killer was caught while we slept last night. Rumor has it he was found in a tree. Up a tree without a ladder?


Val said...

Those dogs won't get in their new bed unless YOU are in it!

Linda O'Connell said...

I love that shade of blue. It took our cat a week to decide to get into his bed. He does prefer ours. You are very talented, the chest and a rag rug/afghan. You sew, paint. I think you get your spark when winter fades.
Up a tree? Wow!