Monday, December 19, 2016

Surprise Gifts

All the boxes are packed and gone! While I was all set to have another marathon cookie baking day, it was not to be. Those last two batches killed the hand mixer and the stand mixer. The hand mixer has seen lots of use. It was my go to appliance unless I was willing to drag out the Oster Kitchen Center.

This machine has a sizable footprint, but it does everything. An entire lower cabinet is dedicated to holding the base and all the attachments. The food processor, the blender, the meat grinder. It is all bulky and sucks up space. I will admit that I was totally annoyed when I had to finish that second batch of cookie dough manually. I muttered and stirred. What the what, I asked myself as I labored over that thick sticky dough. Then I remembered that it was over 40 years old. And really, the only part that doesn't work is the mixer. The beaters will not stay connected. The motor is still good.

It is vintage. Maybe I will be able to find the mixer and beaters. The one beater is sort of mangled. Well, both of them, one more that the other. I set it up and got it going. Then I decided to handle another task, since I no longer had to hold the mixer. This is when the one beater came loose and was caught up in the other one before it was pulled free, as well. The ensuing noise was not as loud as it would have sounded if not for the earbuds and the audio book I was listening to. Oops.

I know what I will be getting for Christmas. A hand mixer. I will buy it myself and wrap it up. This way my sweet husband can be as surprised as he is when one of the children open a gift from "Mom and Dad". He will be as clueless of the contents as he has ever been. And I get what I want, while he gets to be surprised.  



Val said...

The surprises kinda go like that around here, too!

luksky said...

I love the idea of buying my own gift! That way I get what I want.

ellen abbott said...

my husband's family didn't do gifts, not for birthdays, not for holidays and so he doesn't ever think about it. I managed to get a few gifts over the years by whining and complaining (I always had gifts for him) so the year he gave me perfume something I don't and have never worn, I just gave up. Now I don't buy him gifts and I go buy myself whatever I want. but it's never kitchen equipment.

Kathy G said...

If you could find a vintage mixer I think you'd be surprised at the cost; they're now considered 'antique'.

Linda O'Connell said...

We don't exchange gifts, either. The holidays are for the little ones. if I want something i buy what I like, not what he thinks I like. Hey, thanks for the cookie tip!