Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I Don't Care

My Cujo gives me so much joy. How could anyone be cruel to that sweet face? Someone was before he came to live with me. Could have made him mean, but it made him scared and timid. This is the face I see every night before I go to sleep.

Thank goodness for my dogs. I would become a nasty sarcastic person if not for them. Ever watch Judge Judy? She has never been patient or willing to abide idiots. She is not mellowing with age. When either plaintiff or defendant tries to justify their case with a lot of extra information, she will simply say shout "I DON'T CARE!" She can get away with it, because she is the judge and her decision is final.

I want to be her for just one day. I want to tell the man on the phone making the reservation that I DON'T CARE what he plans to do before he gets here. I DON'T CARE what time he gets off work. I wonder how many times I would repeat that phrase in 24 hours.

I am in a foul mood today. The skies are gray, again. My toes are cold and I am sick of staying inside. My hands ache and I can't sew. I am sick of TV, even Judge Judy. I would get in my car and leave the property, but since being towed, I hesitate. It has had a brand new alternator installed by a professional and is just fine ....... I think.

Speaking of vehicles. Tis a well known fact that HeWho drives does like to purchase vehicles. When he acquired my current car, he took over my previous car and we then had five vehicles. My VW bug was working just fine and I loved that car, but after HeWho ruins cars drove it for a time, it became inoperable. Oh, it will start and run ..... as long as you don't stop anywhere. Can't open the driver's door and I am certain the electric windows no longer function. I thing the driver's door panel is off, because he was "fixing" it. There is a Ford F-150 pick-up sitting behind the barn (the barn being the receptacle of all the junk HeWho cannot part with) This truck needs an engine. I have heard that engines are really important.

There is a Saturn sedan parked in the front of the property with a For Sale sign. This is the only vehicle HeWho managed to empty and wash. My nagging skills seem to have lost their touch and I will need to work on that, because HeWho is not Jay Leno and these vehicles are not collectibles.

Despite all that, he bought another truck. A Ford F-150 with 2 gas tanks. I noticed the two gas caps right away, with my eye for detail. Somehow, purging myself of this new information is not helping my mood. I think perhaps I should just go back to bed with my furry friends and start the day again after a nap.


Joanne Noragon said...

I am now in perfect command of I DON'T CARE. Try it, you'll like it.

Val said...

When I got in T-Hoe this morning, I found a car treat that Hick left me. I will write about it soon. Just more evidence that our guys were formed in the same mold. And then I hope somebody broke it.

I applaud your I-Don't-Care-ness. Would it be too much if I called to say, "Jimmy cracked corn?"

Your Cujo melts my cold, cold heart.

luksky said...

Ha! I happen to be a fan of Judge Judy and hardly ever miss an episode on late afternoon T.V. I always think to myself how wonderful it would be to be J.J. She can tell people how she feels and what she thinks in the most rude, socially unacceptable way and nobody says a word to her about it AND she makes a ton of money doing it.

Linda O'Connell said...

My elderly neighbor, a frequently drunk man who once fell out of his yard into ours over the garden fence, looked at me and said, "You remind me of Judge Judy."
I said, THANK YOU!
Your Cujo baby is a sweet one.

Cars and men, well I was once married to a mechanic who shuffled cars under my rear end faster than you could say SOLD! They were always junkers.