Sunday, December 25, 2016

Santa Was Good To Me!!

Merry Christmas to me! This is Eddie. He is 8 weeks old and HeWho loves me spent yesterday on a mission to bring Eddie home. I am in love!

 Well, I was until I saw this picture of myself. Why didn't anyone tell me my hair was gray? The sun turns it blonde when I am gardening and I seldom study myself in the mirror. Where did those wrinkles come from??

But, who cares about a few wrinkles when you can hold this sweet little guy? Look a that face! He looks like my Emmy! He will grow to 8 to 10 lbs and has long hair just like my little Emmy.

He is so low to the ground I can hardly tell when he pees. He goes out with his bigger new siblings and I only know he peed when one of them rush over to sniff it.

Speaking of the rest of the pack ........ Toni Louise is having none of this puppy nonsense. She left the bed and shunned all of us by sleeping in our sitting room. She has zero maternal instinct.

Martha, the boy cat, showed his disapproval with a loud hiss and spit. Martha knows better than to scratch. He has moved into the office and looks at me disdainfully when I come in to check on him.

Cujo is really upset about the situation. He has never had to welcome a new animal into our home and he does not like this one bit. He refused to sleep in his usual spot and got on the other side of me last night. I was wedged between Cujo and Eddie, with Wall-E keeping watch by my feet at the foot of the bed.

Wall-E is tentatively checking the puppy out. He will play with him and run after him, while Cujo and Toni Louise stay as far away as they can. Wall-E is a good soul.

I placed a small bowl of puppy food on the floor for Eddie. His little legs look like they might be 2" long, so I knew he would not be able to eat from the communal bowl. He ignored the little bowl and just got in the big bowl to eat. He might look like my Emmy, but I sense a little Oscar there, too.

I give you fair warning ........ there will be so many puppy pictures headed to the land of Blog!


Val said...

Was Eddie already named? Curious, because maybe he just LOOKED like an Eddie, and that's how you chose. That food bowl picture is precious, and Eddie is adorable!

Linda O'Connell said...

So happy for you and Eddie, too.

Linda O'Connell said...
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Mevely317 said...

I love it! 'Believing the BEST parts of Oscar and Emmy are one with Eddie.
... What a lucky little fellow. :)

Kathy G said...


Sioux said...

Kathy--Congratulations. There is nothing better than a puppy. Can I drop by and get a puppy-breath fix?

Eddie is a doll!

luksky said...

He's adorable! I look forward to watching him grow via your blog.

Anonymous said...

A new puppy! How wonderful! I know you will enjoy this little guy, and the others will come around, maybe.

ellen abbott said...

what a sweet baby!