Monday, December 26, 2016

Puppy Love

The power went off last night for a few hours and interrupted our long winter's nap. Well, I was awakened and so was Eddie. He squirmed a little and just when I got him settled, HeWho acts strange at times, began patting down the bed in search of the puppy. He found him (in my arms) and began patting his head. Eddie took this to be an invitation to play.

I ended up getting up and locating candles. Eddie thought a midnight snack was in order, so he climbed into the dog food dish and proceeded to tie on the feed bad. It was 2:30 in the morning! Nothing to do, but wait until he ate and then take him out for a potty break.

So, as soon as we got up at 8 this morning and repeated our 2:30 routine, Eddie was ready to nap.
It is hard to see, but Wall-E is right behind him. Good thing, too, because Cujo decided to put Eddie in his place this morning. He nipped him pretty good. Poor Cujo is so upset at having to share my affections with another. He is okay with Wall-E having my affection, but he resents Toni Louise. He figures she has her own person and should need none of his.

After a good nap, (I took one, too), I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and paint a fence. Just getting a jump on Spring time chores. I have a feeling that this year's Spring weather will not be as nice as last year's.

In light of the morning's lesson from Cujo, I didn't want to leave Eddie alone with just Wall-E for protection, so I hunted down one of Emmy's old harnesses and though it wasn't a good fit, it served the purpose.

In cleaning out the utility room I came across some sage green fence paint. It was from my house in Minnesota and as unbelievable as it may seem, the paint was still good! It is at least 12 years old! The color is subtle enough to look like weathered cedar and I did not have much fence to paint.

I hooked the leash to a part of the fence that I wasn't going to be painting and proceeded to start brushing paint on the fence panels. Next thing I knew, Eddy had managed to loosen the Velcro and escaped from the harness. He stayed close to me until someone came up and he ran over to see what they wanted, then when the car left, he started to go after it.

I was beginning to wonder if taking him with me was such a good idea. He will have to learn to stand his ground with Cujo eventually. I called out, "Eddie, come back here." .......... AND HE DID!!!!!

He knows his name! Well, he was the only one there. But he came right back to me. We were down by the pond and most vehicles turn before they get to us. He saw several more turn and every time he would go about 10 feet from me and come back when I called him. Emmy would do the same thing.

The wind picked up and the sun moved and left us in shade. so I stuck Eddie in my sweatshirt and brought him back to get warm. As you can see in the picture. He gathered all the toys he could find and piled them up before he settled down to chew on the rope toy. Look close and you will see the paint on his sweet little head.

I am so smitten with this sweet puppy! As I write this, he is asleep among his toys and Cujo is nestled as close to me as he can possibly get. In answer to the question of Eddie's name. It was not my choice. He did not come with a name, but HeWho loves dogs as much as I do, said he looked like an "Eddie". I named all the other dogs, with the exception of Oscar and Wall-E. They were named when they came to me. All those seeking a puppy breathe fix are welcome!! This means you, Sioux!!


Val said...

The others jockey for position in the pack, and precious Eddie is currently a favored nation!

ellen abbott said...

having a puppy is like having a baby in the house. up at all hours.

Sioux said...

Puppy breath... those sharp little puppy teeth... Squeezing those little puppy bellies (gently)... There's nothing better.