Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just Call Me Sherlock

I took a little walk yesterday through the tent area and came upon this. I was baffled. A car/truck door propped up with a shovel next to a fire pit. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was a fire pit inside a larger pit and in bad need of shoveling out.

Here you can see things from a different angle. I am perplexed.

A rake in a stump adds more drama. This definitely deserves an investigation. I will employ all my skills to uncover the mystery.

I grabbed my phone and texted the master of my universe and demanded to know what was going on in the tent area. He didn't even try to play dumb. He knew it was there.

I was wondering if maybe we had a squatter claiming his homestead. Odd things seem to find me, after all. Still a mystery why someone would begin their nest with an abandoned car door and some yard tools while claiming two fire pits made up of old wheels. I am feeling a DIY rustic theme.

Mystery solved. Turns out on of our camp workers was downing trees in that area on a cold windy day. He found the car door in the woods (this means an intruder was trespassing here and dumped this door on my property, but that is another headache for another day). Scott (camp worker) is quite resourceful. He created a wind break with the car door and built a fire to stay warm while he cut up the downed trees and split the wood! Not too sure about the rake .......


Linda O'Connell said...

Well that sounds like one smart helper. I'm sure you could use those photos as writing prompts.

Val said...

Bravo! You certainly earned a free membership in Mystery, Inc. Glad to know the door did not fall off the Mystery Machine.

luksky said...

I remember we went camping once at Colorado Bend State Park. The park is out in the middle of nowhere and we had picked a somewhat secluded spot to pitch our tent. It ended up being a windy, rainy night so we went to sleep early. The next morning when we awoke, at our picnic table outside of our tent area, there was a whole juice box package opened up and strewn everywhere with a few of the juice boxes opened and drank out of. It made no sense, not to mention that it was creepy someone was sitting outside our tent during the night in a storm drinking juice boxes and we never even knew they were there.

ellen abbott said...

that's what I though when I saw it...a windbreak. and the stump is a good holder for the rake.