Friday, September 30, 2016

Routine, I Love Routine

Back from our very short trip and back to the old routine. The old routine feels good, though. It was a nice break. The dogs are ecstatic not to be harnessed and leashed. Something so simple as letting them run out the back door into their own yard is such a pleasure.

Pictures, I did not get many pictures! My girls will throw their hands up and say, "NO, Mom, I don't want my picture taken!" The grandchildren are fair game, though, They will even pose. I haven't even downloaded the pictures yet.

I had a wonderful time with my kids, the actual trip, though ........ We left for home, as scheduled at 9 am. It is a 9 hour drive. We arrived here 24 hours later. The trip there was also filled with pitfalls. I was without internet the entire time and usually had a book talking to me on my ear bud. Read on .....

I have been staring at my husband's butt for hours, and not in a good way. He is on his knees between the driver and passenger seat leaning over the engine of the motorhome. He tinkers away and says some words that won't be repeated. It is 9 o'clock and the Auto Zone is closing. We have been here for over two hours, but rumor has it that we are almost ready to roll again.

Just need to return the tools borrowed from the nice people here and then call upon Siri to get back to the interstate. I should really take the passenger seat again to navigate. He said he did not need my help, but since he managed to veer onto I-80 somewhere south of Des Moines, instead of staying on I-35, I think he could be wrong about that.

I am on the sofa because The dogs are all with me. If I sit up front, they all want to be in my lap. Except for Toni Louise. She thinks the dash is some sort of dog contest runway and wants to prance to and fro, leaving nose smudges on the wind shield in her wake. I have a bag of dog treats close by to lure her back to me.

While I was in charge of the canines, he was getting us lost. In an attempt to get back to I-35, he exited I-80 and while we were sitting at a red light we heard a bang. The belt he tightened earlier broke. Later it was discovered that two belts had snapped. The belt that runs the air-conditioning was not replaced, we didn't need that one.

While replacing the belt he discovered that part of the NEW alternator had come apart. Back in he went to purchase another. By now he is an expert at replacing the alternator. My help is required for this and the belt replacement. A crow bar is implemented and I have to push on the exposed end with my considerable weight strength.

We are back on the road again, after only twelve and a half hours. Remember this is a nine hour trip even in a storm. We are at least 5 hours from home. Add some time to get back on the correct interstate .....

I am tired and hungry. All we have on board is junk food. Road trip food that you munch on while rolling down the road. I want some real food, healthy food, hot food. I think we should eat some decent food and then find a campground and sleep. Or ... even the Walmart parking lot.

Back on the correct route we stopped at a Kum and Go for gas. Iowa has some weird stuff going on! Anyhoo .... we have gas station sandwiches and hit the road again.

At 10:30 HeWho drives finally admitted that he needed to rest. In the rest stop, nestled among the semis also "resting". After the dogs did some business outside I gathered them into the bed with me. HeWho doesn't listen to his wife decided to watch TV on the sofa. He must have dozed awhile. I went to sleep like normal beings do. I woke to movement, but did not venture forth. I was snug and warm between two dogs, with my outstretched hand on another, Toni Louise abandoned us to be with her master.

I woke again at some point when we stopped again. I lifted the blind to see if I could determine our location. I couldn't, so I went back to my fitful sleep. When I woke again we were moving ... a lot. Forward, then in reverse and repeat. The window revealed that we were in the Medical Center in Cameron. I know where we are and that we are headed in the right direction, but how on earth did he take the wrong road and end up here?

I decide to just get up, but lulled by the motion and the knowledge that he at least knows where we are, I doze. Big mistake. Should have followed my instinct. Poor old blind Oscar emptied his bladder ...... right next to me. He had wiggled out of his diaper and despite the towels I had him on, he moved over to me to pee.

I just lay there for awhile. I sopped up what I could. No towels left, I managed to get most of it with my blanket, only to discover that everything was wet. I got up after a bit of feeling sorry for myself and pulled all the sheets and blankets from the bed and changed clothes, while longing for a hot shower.

Seeing me, HeWho loves fast food biscuits and gravy, decided I could use a cup of coffee and stopped at a Hardee's. I harnessed the canines and handed the leads to the bearer of hot coffee. Somewhat restored we traveled on and got home around 9 am. A full 24 hours after leaving my house in Minnesota.


dkzody said...

You have such a pioneer spirit.

Val said...

I started out thinking, "I don't envy you that 9 hour drive. That's what it takes for us to get to The Pony's college in Norman, Oklahoma." When I saw that it took you 24 HOURS to get home, I almost stopped breathing.

You ARE lucky that your HeWho can fix what ails your RV.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your life is one big adventure. Oh my the potty accident would have had me up and hopping, too. I know you're glad to be home. The weekend is here. Let the campground routine begin.