Friday, September 16, 2016

Suck It Up And Be A Man!

The baby bananas continue to grow and some new ones have formed under another leaf.

Other leaves have peeled up to reveal new blossoms, but have fallen to the ground. We have had some heavy winds and rains.

In the meantime, the fairy garden is under construction. Lots of colors will be adorning the domiciles of the fairies that enchant the kampground. This one is turquoise and pink. I found the horseshoe when cleaning up a big area of over grown bushes. The rest is popsicle sticks and slats from some lattice I rescued from the dumpster. The popsicle sticks were saved from all the ice cream and popsicles devoured by HeWho does not have to watch his weight. I did have to purchase the paint.

The stumps are from fallen trees on our property. I am nothing, if not cheap thrifty. Just ask my kids. So far I have the doors and windows up on five of the stumps and the sidewalks are going in. I am having great fun!

Well, I was. I decided to pull some weeds in one of my bigger gardens. I had let it go for the summer and the recent rains and cooler weather drew me over to pull the long weeds and grass. The wet ground made it so easy to get the root and I made great headway. HeWho even helped by pulling the big utility cart behind the golf cart and picking up the piles and piles of weeds and dumping them.

What is it about boys and driving things? He was like a little kid, making trip after trip to rake up the debris and haul it off. I warned him to take care of the weeds with wicked thorns. Despite the cooler weather I had sweat running into my eyes, but I was quite determined to finish at least half of the garden.

Maybe the sweat in my eyes prevented them from seeing the dreaded leaves of three and I did not let them be. I did my usual clean up after weeding and washed my hands and arms thoroughly with the laundry soap and I think I would have gotten away rash free if I had done just one more thing .....

I always take the cordless phone out with me, so I won't miss a reservation. Doesn't mean that every call is a reservation, but I answer them all. If I tuck the phone in my pocket, I will accidentally hit buttons and make the phone appear to be off the hook. So I tuck it in my sports bra. I don't know how many times I answered the phone and then stuck it back into my cleavage, but I effectively smeared the nasty poison oil by doing so. From my chin down to below my bra line is a mass of red, itching, highly irritated skin. Not only that, my phone ear and my face is also a mess.

By now my body has absorbed so much Benadryl that it is a wonder I am still coherent. My hands and arms are just fine, remember, I washed them. It took me a couple of days to realize that I needed to wipe down the phone with alcohol. Oddly enough I was enjoying a glass of alcohol when it occurred to me that the phone could be the culprit.

HeWho has a couple of itchy spots on his wrists and legs. His ear and face are fine, since he never answers the phone. He still complains, though. "Boo hoo", I said. "Suck it up and be a man!"


Joanne Noragon said...

One of my favorite art galleries in town has fairie doors painted in nooks and crannies along the base boards. Only once have I been there when a child discovered one, then another.

Linda O'Connell said...

Just getting over a spider bite and bee sti g. I know how miserable you are. Cute fairy garden.

Linda O'Connell said...

Just getting over a spider bite and bee sti g. I know how miserable you are. Cute fairy garden.

Val said...

The Fairy Garden is precious! Every time I read about your poison ivy, I am SO glad I don't get it. My dad did, and my sister does. I only had it one time. Maybe it was like a self-vaccination. I could wrap myself in poison ivy now, and not break out. Lanolin is my enemy. I have to watch lotion ingredients and steer away.