Friday, September 23, 2016

Dead End

The internet has been spotty and totally aggravating. I think I might have some movie streamers here ...... It does make me feel better knowing I knock them off every time I reboot the modem. But, it cuts into my blog reading and commenting.

Besides that I have been busy. We are leaving on Sunday for a short trip north to see our kids and their kids. I am excited about getting away for just pleasure. I just want to sit and stare at my family for awhile.

So, I did all my mowing this morning while it was relatively cool. I was still pretty wet and sweaty. I decided to water my flowers and my feet while I was cooling down. I am sure my face was that beet red color it always is after I exert myself with the mower. I watched the entrance drive as a car stopped on the road and then backed into the drive to turn around. I was congratulating myself for having placed the sign that says "NO TURN AROUND" there.

Then, the woman came through the exit drive. The one that has many signs saying "DO NOT ENTER" and "WRONG WAY". This puzzled me, because I knew the woman could read, didn't she just obey my other sign? I was thinking she would simply go out the entrance, like so many others do .... But, no, she came driving up to me as I was just about to remove my shoes and socks and douse my feet with the icy water spewing from my hose!

She got out of her car and marched purposely to me and demanded to know how she was supposed to get to Kingdom City. Before I could answer she informed me that this road was a dead end!!! She said it like I had personally created a barrier that made the road be a dead end. "You will need to get on the interstate, ma'am." I was trying to maintain a calm attitude. She snapped back, "Well, how am I supposed to do that, this road doesn't go anywhere!"

She was denying me a simple pleasure and I was vacillating back and forth between annoyance and just wanting to laugh at her. I told her to go back to the end of the road, where she had turned onto the road, then turn right and access the entrance ramp to the interstate. She then asked me if I was sure there was an entrance to the interstate .....

There were so many answers in my head and not all of them were nice, so I squelched them and simply said that I was sure. Is this how Siri feels?

I finally wet my feet and my face and arms before coming inside to gather things to load into the RV for the big trip north. I made the bed and loaded our clothes yesterday. Today I was getting other things ..... like my sewing machine and the necessities to hem a homecoming dress for my granddaughter.

First, though I had to put that machine to work. I had to make diapers for the old dog. He is now incontinent. They sell disposable diapers for dogs. But the one that is small enough to go around him is not long enough to cover the necessary part that squirts urine. I even tried a baby diaper after cutting a hole for his tail. That didn't work any better. I went on-line to do a little research and found that they also sell this wrap that simply goes around the abdomen and covers the part that leaks.

These things are spendy, let me tell you! So I just measured my little guy and made a nice soft flannel belt that can hold a disposable pad. He tolerates this much better than having his tail worked through the little hole in the diaper. He was pretty cute in it, but it was useless. Last night was a big success, so I made four more flannel covers. They have Velcro and are so easy to put on. He is pretty happy about this and so am I.

Tomorrow will be a big day, as I have given a key to a kamper buddy. My house needs a good cleaning if I am going to have others see it!! Besides, it will be nice to come home to. I can rest on the 9 hour drive!


Val said...

Your long little doggie is very lucky to have you. Oh yeah, the rest of your family is, too...

Linda O'Connell said...

I can see you selling cute little doggie diapers. Have fun with the kids and grands.

joanne said...

have a wonderful, safe trip. I just love staring at my kids too...sometimes they catch me and wonder WTH??

Joanne Noragon said...

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy all those people.