Friday, September 9, 2016


In my defense .... I was in pain. It is always hard to get a good picture of a group, but I am usually better at it. Jeff's eyes are closed, but the girls looked cute.

I was shocked to see how much they had grown when they got here. Maya, at 12 is turning into a beautiful young woman. Already taller than me, but so much of the world is ...... She was the quiet one this trip. Nose in her phone, she spent much of the time in Grampa's recliner ..... upside-down with her feet on the back. 

Jada was sassier than she usually is. Never satisfied with what was happening, always wondering what was coming next. And, like all big sisters everywhere, she took great pleasure in irritating Zara.

I had planned some crafts for the visit. I wanted to make fairy houses for a garden. Alas, Zara was the only one remotely interested in crafting with Gramma Kathy. I was not feeling so great while they were here, else I would have been more enthusiastic promoting my fairy village. I had dental surgery two days before they came. I had hoped to be feeling better than I was.

Besides the pain and not recovering as quickly as my younger self, I was unaware that I had an infection brewing in one of the excavation sites in my mouth. Zara and I did make a stone cottage. No pictures yet. We used the cylindrical old element from the commercial dryer and some Dollar Tree stones. It turned out really good, if I do say so myself.

Now that I am feeling better, I will finish the garden myself and miss the girls while I do it.

The recent rains have the grass growing and the peppers popping. As if it isn't hard enough to keep up with the mowing, the zero turn is in the shop! Always something.

Kamper Butch gave me this banana tree last year. It now has three babies around it and I think I will even have bananas!! It is hard to see in this picture, but I noticed something different hanging from the tree. It almost looks like an ear of corn.

Here's a better view. It is purplish and looks like a giant ear of corn in the husk, doesn't it? HeWho knows absolutely nothing about gardening has proclaimed it to be a bunch of bananas. But, what else could it be? I seldom listen to his proclamations when it comes to things that grow in the ground. He can stick to the sewer and such.

He once decided to help me with my Spring garden when we lived in Minnesota. I had a lovely assortment of ice blue poppies coming up in a small garden next to the front door. I had babied those tiny sprouts that were just showing themselves from the poppies I had planted the year before. All excited, I was watching them daily.

Came home from work one day to find all of the tiny plants withered and dead on the sidewalk. HeWho was proudly standing there, hoe in hand. He had pulled all my perennial plants and tilled the soil for me to plant. I almost felt sorry for the puzzled look on his face when I burst into tears. No, that's a lie, I didn't feel sorry at all and I didn't cook that weekend either.


ellen abbott said...

that's the bloom bud coming out of the banana tree. each of the purple 'leaves' will lift up revealing a row of flowers that will turn into bananas when pollinated.

Val said...

I can't believe your banana tree made it through the winter! I didn't notice that Jeff's eyes were closed. Probably because I just assumed that's how a man looks when he spends more that a couple of hours with three girls in that age range.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your granddaughters are darling. Nobody wanted to make fairy houses? My granddaughter is 8, so she would paint and design all day if I let her. A banana tree? Wow!