Saturday, September 3, 2016

Don't Make Me Lose The Flip Flops!

See Cujo? Just look at him, thinking that if he simply closed his eyes, his world would return to normal. Cujo is not at all fond of children. He has, in fact, been known to go out of his way to try to bite a child or two. Why, you may be wondering is he not trying to bite Zara, isn't even trying to escape her firm embrace?

Cujo is a smart dog and knows better than to bite someone that Gramma loves. He may not be happy and may be somewhat bewildered at the end of the day, but he knows better.

This is how I feel today. I am nice because I have to be. When did it become okay to be rude and obnoxious as a general rule? When you go into a place of business, do you say, "Hey you, what is your name?" Upon checking into a hotel, do you decide to disregard your room assignment and take another one just because it is empty and the door is open? You don't go ahead and unpack and set up and then become irate when the people who reserved that room show up.

Well, welcome to my world! Because etiquette must just fly out the window when one chooses to go camping! Just one such individual can ruin the entire day. Especially when the day starts before you are even open for business. I have my much loved church group here who have long standing reservations. Do they complain, even though they are standing in line just to use the bathrooms? No, they do not.

I was minding my own business, talking to HeWho rides the golf cart wherever he goes, while I prefer to exercise my legs. I still had at least 20 minutes that were mine before I needed to unlock the door and let the fun begin. A car pulls in, followed by another and I don't even chastise them about not stopping at my stop sign. The window comes down and the man shouts, "Hey, you, what is your name?"

The woman tells me who she is and who she is related to. I ask, "Does THIS belong to you?" and indicate the man. She admits that he does and I tell her she should do a better job of training, since he is rude. Yes, I did. I think he was offended. I consult my seating chart and send him to a particular site and start my day. Before you know it, he is back along with one of my church campers.

Seems there is a camper belonging to my church group already set up and Rude Man is being himself and insisting they move. I go for the quickest solution and tell him to just take the site next to it. I make some sno cones and sell some ice, lots of ice and answer the phone a few hundred times with people trying to camp at the last minute.

I have a particularly sad request for an aunt and grandparents trying to find a place to stay for the funeral of a 22 year old young man. As I study my chart, I see that Rude Man had canceled his reservation! I clearly remember talking to this man several times and he did not want to be "in the midst" of the church people because he likes loud music and he likes to drink (I can testify to that!). We had two long conversations and he called the third time to cancel!!

So, when my two pop-ups come in, he is on one of their sites. They go over and send someone right back, as the riot seems to be eminent. I heard later from another camper that he said things were going to be bad if he had to take his flip flops off. I locked the store and headed over as he yelled at me "What are you doing to me?" I told him that I was doing nothing to him and to go sit down .... much like one would speak to a wayward child. He kept yelling and I stayed calm (outwardly) and repeated myself as I told the nice people in the pop-ups to back out and follow me as I found another site for them.

A nicer site, as it turned out, being far away from Rude Man. My church group is such a nice group of people. Rude Man had not a clue when it came time to put his tent up, so they did it for him. The sun is still up and we have another two nights and a whole day to go.

This is enough for this one day. I have more antibiotics to swallow and more pain to deal with. Just 3 hours to go here and I have no doubt that I will need more pain meds before I lay me down to sleep and wonder why Zara has swim goggles on her head in the picture ...... and who knows what tomorrow may bring. Maybe Rude Man will take off the flip flops ....


Linda O'Connell said...

Run his barefoot drunk butt out of the park. Or have the church people shower him with hymns.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The church people killed him with kindness!!

Val said...

Poor Cujo! Too much love!

I was also wondering about the swim goggles.