Sunday, October 2, 2016

Road Trip - Part 2

Where was I? Oh, yes, I told you about the trip home. My story yesterday was the third time we stopped on the way home. We started out with great confidence that we would be home by late afternoon/early evening. After all we had a new battery and alternator on board.

After hugging my daughter and son-in-law, I assumed my spot on the sofa with my furry kids. All seemed to be going well. HeWho drives had even asked for directions from me. I sat back and became engrossed in my book and some spider solitaire.

As we approached Iowa, the engine light came on and HeWho drives took us off the interstate to the rest area. This was also the Iowa welcome center and a casino. Round and round the casino he went hunting for a spot big enough to hold our motor home until his wife questioned him about what he was doing. Finally figured out that we needed to be in the parking lot for the welcome center. Just in case he was entertaining thoughts of gambling, I reminded him of our current luck.

I handed the leads to three dogs to him, as I was sure I could control the blind old dog. The steps are broken and the last step down is a doozy. I watch in horror as he loses one of the leads and the escape artist Toni Louise takes off. HeWho loves this dog as much as I love the blind one starts running after her, Wall-E and Cujo in tow. Cujo is not happy as he looks back at me. I cram some flip flops atop the fuzzy pink socks I am sporting and bump down the steps on my butt, blind dog tucked safely in my arms and take off at a different angle to help capture the crafty dog. HeWho is still wearing a knee brace has a funny run-hop rhythm and I am not much better in my flip flops. He finally approaches her from the rear as she is looking at me and planning her next move and he stomps down on her lead. I head back with my old guy cradled in my arms like a baby. I am telling him what just happened. He is blind, he couldn't see!

This is when I notice all the trucks and cars with people in them and realize they are watching us. Not my finest moment, but I don't know these people! I can only hope that if someone captured the adventure on video, they won't share in a public forum. After this adrenaline rush, we add water to wherever it goes and HeWho gets us back on the road to the sound of a squeaky belt. He locates a WalMart and goes in to purchase tools. I could swear he said he was loading tools for this trip in case we needed them.

I decide to roam the store while he dithers with the loose belt. I picked up some licorice and chips, and trail mix. Road trip food. I come back to find that he needs my help with the new crow bar and I dutifully place my foot and weight on it and we get back on the road.

This concludes the trip home. I spent the day before we came home happily sewing on my daughters dining room table. I hemmed Layla's homecoming dress and took in some leggings for her. Hemmed my son-in-laws jeans and hemmed some curtains for my daughter. And talked. I enjoyed just being with her and then with Layla when she came in from school. We went to her dance class and watched as her group learned a new routine. She is amazing, my granddaughter.

Here she is holding my Cujo. He seems quite content in her lap and that is a rare thing for him. He is only happy with me. He is a smarty little guy and could sense just how sweet and gentle she is!  I miss her.

I miss this guy, too! My grandson, Gavin is growing up too fast. He is so handsome, like his Papa. Already taller than me, at 12, I can just imagine that he will shoot up fast in the next few years. I remember feeding teen boys ...... the pantry empties daily.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story .......


Joanne Noragon said...

Beautiful kids; wonderful you can visit.

Val said...

Such a sweet picture of Layla and Cujo! I can't believe how grown up Gavin looks. Or IS.

Anonymous said...

Your grandchildren are wonderful. I'm sure you enjoyed your visit with them, no matter how hard it was to get there or get back home.