Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dream Weaver

I have been dreaming again. In the wee hours of the morning, I will wake and try to recapture the dream. It eludes me and I feel lonely and profoundly sad. And that makes me wonder what I dreamed.

It rained last night. No storm, just a gentle rain and I love the smell of rain. I had my window open and just lay there looking out at the beginnings of dawn and smelling the rain. The sun came out and a breeze is blowing and I have every reason to be happy, but I just can't shake the sadness.

I love this time of year. I find myself nesting and getting ready to spend some serious time indoors. In the meantime I ventured out to take stock of all the things I had told myself would be accomplished that did not get done this year. It amounts to a lot! Instead of eliminating anything on my list I sit here and whine.

Enough. So, you may think I have told you everything there is to tell about a very short 4 day trip north. You would be wrong. While I was cuddling a baby and enjoying a nice lunch out, I was totally in the dark about a disaster occurring back at the kampground.

Good and trusted friend, Andrea, agreed to take care of things here while we were away. Bet she won't do that again! She was in contact with HeWho had agreed to handle the dispatch calls while the owner of the tow company was away. I mean, with our cell phones, we could be anywhere and accomplish dispatch for him and I was handling the reservations for the park. Easy, right?

After lunch, Adrienne and I picked up grandson, Gavin and headed back to daughter Jill's house. HeWho dispatches was on the phone when I walked in on the tail-end of a conversation ....... and HeWho is normally very nice was being very aggressive. I thought he was talking to a driver, perhaps one who was refusing to take a call. But he was talking to a customer at our kampground!

A few weeks ago, a couple stopped in for an overnight stay and upon leaving asked if they would need to make a reservation for the trip back through. I asked about the date and since it would be a week night, I told them they really did not need a reservation ...... and I did not take one. I talk to so many people in any given season, I have to say that I do not remember them at all. I remember the conversation, but not the couple or the camper. She and I share the same first name and that is how I recalled the request about staying over on a trip back through.

Apparently, they arrived and did not bother to fill out a registration, or to inquire about which site to pull into. Andrea was headed up to the office and got to the site they had pulled into in time to call the fire department. They pulled into a site with shade and electrical lines crossing over. They were in a rather tall fifth wheel and something on top grabbed the line and broke it. In case you are thinking you may have read something similar to this in a previous post ..... you did. Only that customer gunned the engine and actually broke the pole holding the line. A new pole was installed that carried the line even higher than before, but I make it a practice to never park tall campers on that spot anyway. It meets all the requirements for height. There are trees and limbs lower than the line.

They were sitting there with a live wire atop the camper that must have sparked something and the rear wall of the camper was smoking. Hence the call to the fire department, followed by a call to HeWho does all things electric to locate the correct breaker to switch off. We have 7 meters and 7 bills here and I don't bother electric boxes (or put fuel in my vehicle). I am special like that.

Fortunately, the power to that line was off when the fire fighters took the hoses of water INTO the camper and doused the entire thing. I was of the opinion that one does not use water for an electrical fire, but I am not a fire fighter, am I?
It was pointed out to me that they would have had to take axes to the back wall to locate the source of the fire and did not want to cause that much damage ........... like the water did not cause damage.

The woman who shares my name was near hysterical with the event (I was told). I would have been, as well. She wanted to talk to the owner and Andrea was on the phone with HeWho owns and gave the phone to him. The woman told him they had snagged the wire and their trailer caught fire and she wanted our liability insurance information. Then she made the mistake of telling him that this was HIS fault, the WE told them to park on that site. This must be when I walked in to hear him tell her to contact her insurance company, that she had caused damage to our property.

Their camper is a total loss. I don't have any figures yet. When her insurance agent called me DEMANDING my policy information, I remained calm and told him that he would just have to wait another day until we got back. We don't carry our liability policy with us. I apologized for the delay, but I was not cutting my trip short for something that could wait.

I realize that they did not plan to have any of this happen. Neither did I. I do not plant booby traps to inconvenience travelers. Okay, maybe speed bumps, but there is signage warning you to be aware that they exist. Just another annoyance to add to my day!


Joanne Noragon said...

On and on and on and on. I hope you wake to good dreams soon.

joanne said...

just another day in the life at the Kampground. Dear Lord, you certainly get your share and more. Hope things are better, I hate it when dreams haunt me it's such a strange feeling. Sadness rules November here and I am starting my stress early.

Val said...

Well...that's why you have liability insurance. I hope that camper owner was not so stressed that she went to sit on your toilet and eat a banana and throw the peel on the floor. But it WOULD solve your mystery of who did that.