Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Baby Fix

After finally arriving to my daughter's house, I abandoned the engine trouble and left He-Who drives to tinker with the engine woes. My baby daughter picked me up and we proceeded to her best friend, Leah's. There was a brand new baby to hold!

A teaser ...... look at the tiny little fingers!!

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby? Mia is 3 weeks old and so tiny and delicate. The soft skin and the sweet baby smell ...... heaven!

My baby holding her friend's baby. Adrienne's baby is now 12 and as much as I wish holding a baby would ignite baby thoughts in her head, she is done and I will have to wait for Gavin to grow up, finish school, fall in love and get married and give me a tiny one to hold ....... thank goodness there are other grandchildren older than him!

I will have to be content with holding Mia every time I head north. I have my baby fix for now. For now .......


Val said...

Wow. That's a REAL baby! I thought you might be talking about stitching up a ripped babydoll, or making doll clothes. The fingers in that little picture looked pretty real, though. And now I see that it's a REAL baby. Totally opposite of my regular aversion to FEET, I find the feet of a baby to be particularly precious.

Linda O'Connell said...

How sweet. Yes, I know what you mean about getting your baby fix. I stop people in the store and talk to their babies. Bet you're glad to be back to normal chaos.