Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I was digging a ditch this morning. Yes, I wanted the good dirt and the ditch in question has to be dug out manually, lest the buried electrical line be excavated by the big toys used by the big boys.

I was pondering ways to keep the dirt from filling the ditch again and decided to use some big rocks. Lots of rocks around these parts, so I looked around and spied a likely candidate for holding dirt in place. Wide and sort of flat. I pulled it up and saw these eggs and a tail slither further under the rock.

A snake was my first thought, but snakes don't have legs. Mama Lizard showed herself again before running to hide, so I got the camera. I also picked up one of the eggs. It felt rubbery, like a big membrane. It also felt like it was tight. I put the egg back and went about my digging and watering before I had to open for the day.

I wanted to show my find to he who is fascinated by such things, but Mama Lizard (I call her Lizzie)  had already moved them. I wonder how she did that. Did she roll them under another rock or did she pick them up in her mouth? I ponder such things in the wee hours of the morning ......

So, the title is eggs. Last week, as I prepared for company coming, I made the obligatory trip to the grocery. Thinking of the birthday cakes and other cooking I would be doing, I decided to get a flat of eggs. That's 30. Two and a half dozen. A lot of eggs, but three cakes and potato salad and breakfast for 6 should take care of it. I picked up a box of TWO flats. 60 eggs.

We had deviled eggs and potato salad with twice the eggs one would normally use. We still have plenty of eggs here in the kampground. I wiped out about half of them. Won't need eggs any time soon.


joanne said...

there's always some sort of excitement at the Kampground isn't there! Lizard eggs, sounds rather leggy...;j

Brian Miller said... may be sick of eggs by the time you are done...smiles....and cool on the lizard def are surrounded by new life bursting forth...

Joanne said...

You are one fine mama/grandmma to be baking all those cakes. The lizard's eggs amazing, too. Another mother at work.

Mamma has spoken said...

OOOOO more creatures to watch at the campground! How fun!
As for the eggs, maybe you'll need to fix them on a Saturday morning to offer with the cinnamon rolls :o/

Val said...

Yikes! Hick brought in a leathery egg a couple years ago and tried to tell me it was a chicken egg that just hadn't hardened yet. A fresh egg. Straight out of the chicken's butt. He put it in a red Solo cup of cold water to harden it. Funny how that didn't happen.

I threw it off the back porch. I could see something coiled up in there. I assumed a snake, but some of our snakes around here (like black snakes and copperheads) have live birth, not eggs. I think you just solved the mystery. Now I want to know how a single lizard egg got into my chicken coop.

SkippyMom said...

With all the baking I have been doing I find myself going through a lot of eggs, milk and sugar! eek

Very interesting about the eggs. Glad she didn't destroy them after you touched them. It's nice all the Momma's you have sharing the Kampground.

I loved the pictures of the family visiting. And just so you know I channeled you today and made a big batch of cinnamon rolls. I thought of you the whole time. They sure are pretty - but funny thing? I don't like them. Glad hubby's work does.

Hugs to you!