Friday, June 22, 2012

Dog Days??

I am laying out the letters to paint on my 4 X 8 foot sign to clearly state the rules of swimming in the kampground pool. I see the car pull in and know that I will have to put my audio book on hold and go inside to either sign in some swimmers (for whom the sign is being made) or kampers. It is Friday afternoon in the kampground, after all.

I wait to hear the doors to the vehicle open and close before I stop tracing letters, the book having been put on hold. I hear the jangle of what sounds like a chain on a dogs neck ......... could these be swimmers? Nothing shocks me anymore. Well, maybe the snout of a dog sniffing my butt. I turn from my task to see a rather large furry creature. The man behind her seems okay with his dog checking me out. "Can I help you?" I ask. "We have reservations." he replies. I say, "While in the park, the dogs must be kept on a lead." " She's a good dog, she don't like leashes. The trip was so long, I wanted to let her out." he says as his dog, named Molly, relieves herself on my flowers and takes out a couple of them as she exits my flower bed.

I love my dogs, everybody who has ever been introduced to me knows this. But, like children, they need to be taken care of by their parents! Or owners, if you will.

He who is apt to rescue stranded motorists will also rescue animals. He brought home a dog today. Yes, as if I don't have enough animals to look after ......... The dog appears to be a young one and will be a big dog when full grown. She is a white mixed breed with short hair. The animal shelter is only open until 11am, so she will be here tonight. My canine children are very unhappy with this new development. So am I, as I hear her howling right now.

Here, for your viewing pleasure is Wall-E reunited with his boy, Gavin. There is an unbreakable bond between them. No matter how much elapses between visits, the dog abandons us to be with his boy.

Wall-E likes Chad ......... see, he is laughing!

Toni Louise enjoys some cat wrestling with the boy named Martha.

I know this may look like Wall-E, but is not. This is Max, the puppy Wall-E took to his boy last fall. I am thinking that the boy's mom is more enchanted with the puppy than Gavin is.

Wall-E in bed with his boy.

As I was dragging a hose to water the parched flowers in the front garden next to the entrance. I was pulling along the 250 feet of hose when I encountered a hulking pile of dog poop, complete with  blow flies. Not really having a choice in the matter I cleaned it up and went back to pulling hose and discovered two more piles to my utmost delight ......


Mamma has spoken said...

I hope you put those 'piles' in that man's car since he is such a good dog owner ;o)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The piles weren't from the man withe the dog, Molly. She only peed and trashed my flowers. The other gifts were from another kamper with two golden retrievers.

Joanne said...

Gonna be a long summer. Hope it's not too hot.

Val said...

Maybe you could make yourself a costume, become the Poo Fairy, and redistribute it at night. You know, because you need something to fill your time during the overnight hours.

lotta joy said...

"anyone not picking up behind their dog will be fined $4 for clean-up maintenance"

I've heard "there's no bad kids, just bad parents" well, I've seen my share of bad kids and their parents were always 'looking elsewhere' at the time.

But there IS NO bad dog on their own. Extremely lazy owners allow them to do what the owners would do themselves - if no one is looking.

Brian Miller said...

um yeah i might have a problem with the pup sniffing my am glad he was not wanting the pups to swim...

SkippyMom said...

What is it about people? You specifically state the rules and like a petulant child he gives you the "Well it was a long trip and I just wanted to let her out for a minute"

Bull. Follow the rules buster! They're there for a reason. And don't give excuses. Sigh. I like the idea of charging for dog clean up. Too bad you can't prove who did it. But you might want to consider a sign as a deterrent. They don't know whether or not you're watching/have cameras or who will rat them out.

It just seems the more time that passes the more entitled feel they are and the less responsibility they take for their own actions [and those of their pets/children]. I worked with the public for years, but I don't think I could do it now.

Good luck!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

people amaze me - and not in a good way... that man was just plain rude. i hate to find dog poop where i'm walkin. yuk. yuk. yuk.

hope people mind your pool rules.