Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

My peach tree is so full I had to put supports under one side. Can you believe that some of the peaches are ripe? In June??

I was advised to thin the peaches by about half so the ones left could get bigger. I did, but looks like I may have to have another thinning take place.

I found a packet of morning glory seed. I should say old packet. I think it was a free packet I got about 10 years ago. I tossed the seed in a planter never expecting to see life, but it sprouted and bloomed and greets me each morning when I open the door.

I have wanted to make a sign for the pool rules for awhile. I have them posted on the front door, but no one notices them, causing me to say the same speech at least a dozen times a day. The bare wall of the shed housing the pool pump and equipment presented an opportunity for a sizable proclamation of rules. He who is the buyer of heavy objects had thought I would use half the sheet of plywood.

No, I used the whole 4 X 8 foot area. I wanted it to scream out my rules. I looks crooked in the photo, but we used a level and I promise it is straight. Freddy the kampground frog grabs the attention of swimmers. I noticed everyone looking at it yesterday and some were moving their lips as they read. If nothing else, I now have a visual aid for my speech!

This is a new marigold color. Vanilla. I like it. I will be harvesting seeds for next season and plan to have a nice big plot of vanilla marigolds to compliment the deep red daylilies I have ordered.

It is hot and dry here. We need rain, but none is in the forecast. The days are long and tedious. Swimmers are cranky towards the end of each day with their bright red shoulders and noses. I stay inside from 11 til 7. I do my outside chores early in the morning and after the pool empties of swimmers. I have yet to get in the pool this year. By the time my day ends, all I want is a bed and pillow.

Today I am lettering more signs. "Do Not Enter", "Exit Only", "Private Drive", and "Absolutely No Smoking". The last will be posted over the toilets in the bathrooms. Nothing quite like entering a bathroom to clean it and have my asthma rear it's angry head because the room is filled with cigarette smoke. Not that I need an excuse to prohibit any activity I might find offensive. It is my park, after all ..........


Brian Miller said...

great job on the sign...that is very cool...and def people should notice it...and def the one in the bathroom with all the crap you clean up (pun intended..smiles) on the seed...i was just telling someone the other day with our false winter there is a lot of things now ripe out of season like your peaches...

Mamma has spoken said...

Here most public places both inside and outside don't allow smoking. even Paul Brown Stadium, the home of the Cincinnati Bengals and Riverfront Stadium, home of the Reds will kick you out of the park for smoking.
I think you'll be fine posting no smoking in the restroom.

Joanne said...

Those pool rules certainly are loud, clear and unambiguous. Good job.

Val said...

At the risk of sounding inappropriate..."Really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree."

Kathy G said...

Nice sign. Now you should only have to explain the rules to HALF the people :-)

I planted some marigolds next to the tomato plants this year, and they've been eaten down to nubs. A friend told me it's probably bunnies, which doesn't bode well for my tomatoes.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

you go! it is your park and they need to learn to respect it.

love the vanilla marigolds. they are really pretty.

btw, your sign looks great.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes you need the sign to point at and say hey can't you read when going over the rules to some teenager who things the rules do not apply to

Venom said...

I am SOOO envious of your peach tree Kathy!

Pat said...

Your park - your rules!

There's no mistaking the rules at the pool! Awesome sign!

Vanilla marigolds? Cool!

Lorenza said...

My mom is drooling looking at all those peaches!
The sign is pawesome!
Take care
Kisses and hugs