Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alone Again ....

My baby girl, Adrienne, with me.

With he who is her dad.

Her beau, Chad. I felt like a Pygmy next to him! My head didn't even reach his shoulder, he had to lean in.

I hope he who is Adrienne's dad didn't scare him away with his antics!

You will note that I am not in the picture! This was the best I could do right before they left to go home. I had told them all that I wanted a picture of all of us together, but the park was empty on Tuesday morning as they prepared to leave. He who was home just for a bit still has his safety vest on, so a lot of the pictures didn't turn out well with the glare from the reflective tape. Yes, I do know how simple it would have been for him to remove it .........

Gavin and Kyra are holding Little Martha and Papa is holding Max, the puppy; Gavin's dog.

Chad decided to grab a bite of leftover Chinese before hitting the road. We got to know him better and like him a lot. If he didn't have a good time, he is a really good actor!

Just about to get into the car and leave, but one more picture, please.

I miss Little He Who today! His t-shirt says:

We had a great visit. The park wasn't full and I got to spend time with them. Of course, if the park isn't full, I make less money. Time with my family is priceless.

My dogs were sad when the house got quiet. Toni Louise was enchanted with Max, The Puppy. They ran and ran, round and round the back yard. Wall-E joined in after a time of scoping things out. Oscar even played ball, something he hasn't done since his mate died.

Kyra was delighted to take over the care of Little Martha. Little M was quite smitten with Kyra and there was talk of Kyra taking the kitten home. I would have relinquished the kitten to Kyra, as she was very responsible and Little M liked her ..... a lot. But Little M is still here.

Funny story about Little Martha ...... when I was presented with the mere handful of fur after the fall from the bucket of the front end loader, I questioned her gender and was told by one of my kampers that it was definitely female. Female, hence the name Martha. Little Martha has a big "M" on her forehead, and knows her name. Little Martha also has testicles ..........


Mamma has spoken said...

OH poor Martha! Not even one and has an identity crisis!
Time with family is the best time ever!

Val said...

At least Martha's jewels were discovered before she was left at the vet to be spayed. Imagine my surprise when I picked up my black and white, tuxedo-looking cat to find that SHE had been castrated. Good thing the name, Stockings, was gender-neutral. That cat still glares at me and gives me a wide berth.

Joanne said...

So glad you got to visit. You can make money next week. Neutering is cheaper than spaying, by the way,

Melissa said...

I have a very similar story to Val's. My family has always had dogs, so we could always tell. When I was in college, a stray cat brought her kittens to the house. My kitten didn't develop quite like his brother, so we named him Snickerdoodle and referred to him as a she. We took him to be fixed, and when my mom called to check on him and his brother, the receptionist said she had interesting news...she was a he. (He now refers to himself as The Dude.) Luckily with the next set of kittens that came along, we had boys and girls, so it was a little easier to tell. Suffice it to say, we have quickly become cat people.

Pat said...

I loved looking at all your family photos! Everyone looked so happy! Especially you! Poor Little Martha! Better change her name to Little Marty!

Lorenza said...

I am happy to know you all had a great time together!
To sad they had to go home, right?
Aaaaand.... Martha.... not a girl??
Kisses and hugs

Brian Miller said... the fam pics....sorry they had to leave....sounds like you had some fun along the way...smiles.

Linda O'Connell said...

Kathy, thanks for the pictorial, love your grandson's shirt, the fur babies and your babies. Marty, huh? what a surprise.

lotta joy said...

I truly enjoyed looking at your family, including furchildren. Our photos are never sans our furboy.

I once had a litterbox trained rabbit who ran the entire house. Everyone of us called Ramsey 'her' until the day I caught her humping my mop.