Thursday, June 3, 2010

Turtles, Checkers and the Light of my Life

Do turtles know how to play checkers? Maybe they just watch.

While almost everyone took advantage of the pool, some guys just wanted to play checkers. Cody always manages to be around if there is a camera. He is in the orange shirt. He found the turtle and sat down for a couple rounds of checkers while his turtle waited patiently.

The tree trunk 'chairs' were a hit with younger crowd. Maybe I should whip up some cushions........

Trying to keep our landfill load down, we have recycle bins and they are labeled.

Plastic and aluminum. I am rethinking the aluminum label. Maybe 'cans' would be better. Two customers have asked what aluminum meant as they tossed ice cream and candy wrappers into the labeled can in the store. Yes, I think 'cans' and maybe a picture of a can. I don't want them putting frogs in there!

This is the recycle center. I would add glass, but don't know anywhere close to take it. Has to be close, or they have to pick it up. Time is the one thing we have very little of.

Bicycles are the best way to get around the park. Once again Cody has appeared, as if by magic! I was really trying to get a shot of John (blue shirt) on Cody's bike, but I wasn't quick enough.

I am now sporting headlamps, thanks to Rusty! He who does this sort of thing bought them, then never found time to put them on. Good camper Rusty took pity on me and installed them. Here he is adjusting them. I also have a tail light! I bought an obnoxious horn and just need a whistle hanging round my neck and I will be all set to patrol the park. Maybe a flashing bar on top and a siren, along with a ticket book? No, I can be plenty annoying with my whistle and my words.
Funny story about the golf cart. I have night blindness. I am that annoying person creeping along the road because I can't tell which way the curve is turning unless I am right there in it. For this reason, I rarely drive at night and never drive to an unfamiliar place in the dark. I got caught after dark on the golf cart. In my own park. No head lamps as yet to feebly light my way. You would think that I could drive a straight line back to the main building in my own park. I thought I was headed in a straight line across the grass and I was looking at the building to guide me. That is when I ran over a railroad tie ........ that I know is there. The golf cart was stuck on it. I saw he who walks nowhere behind me on the road in his truck. I got off the cart and headed towards him. He looked at me like I was a bit dim-witted and asked why I was walking to him instead of driving the golf cart. When I explained that it was stuck, he drove over to have a look. After asking how I managed to do it he enlisted the help of handy camper Gene and they had to lift it off. That is when he bought the head lamps. Ha, now I can call him he who lights up my life!!


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - love it (he who lights up my life). Great new nickname for him!

great pictures! the park looks like so much fun. do you have little cabins you rent out? if you did, i might have to come visit for a weekend.

SkippyMom said...

LOL I like the way that ended! [well, not you getting stuck, know!]

The campground is looking good! And i don't know why I am surprised people don't know what aluminum is, but I guess you can give them a point for at least trying to throw away their garbage.

Besides a picture of a can you might consider TAPING an actual can to the top or the front of it [same for the plastic] and write the word RECYCLE ONLY on it. Maybe?

Good luck with the krazy kampers. ;D

Brian Miller said...

ha. he who lights up your life...i love it....would not mind a sqat on the tree trunk for a game of checkers...

Mamma has spoken said...

There is ALWAYS a kid who loves to have their picture taken. I called them a camera-whore. Not nice I know but oh so true.

Alix said...

Somebody {and I don't mean Cody or his frog} isn't very photogenic in this post. Who's the chica in the back of the golf cart with the red mask? Certainly that's not you Kathy!

LOVE the recycle bins. Here in my neighborhood they won't pick up glass anymore. Not sure why. Some poor overpaid city worker probably cut his finger collecting and now Jacksonville's carbon footprint is ginormous. Figures.

houndstooth said...

That's a great nickname!

I can picture you in that golf cart and I have to laugh!

Whitney Lee said...

Too funny. I started recycling a couple of years ago and have found it amazing how much difference it makes. It doesn't surprise me that folks have trouble with something that is seemingly simple. Good luck with that.

I think cushions are a great idea. The kids won't care (they don't even notice that sort of thing at their age), but the adults would love it, I'm sure. Of course, as slow as things are going there I can understand how you'd be looking for extra projects to fill your time...

scarlethue said...

Very good :)

We don't have a place to take glass either! Just cans, plastic, and paper. Too bad with all the beer and wine consumed in this town!

Pat said...

I love the checker-watching turtle. He's making sure neither one cheats! LOL! That is such a cute picture!

I wouldn't make cushions for the tree stumps. The kids don't care!

I think you should keep the frog, but put the word "Cans" for those who stumble on the word "aluminum."

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