Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Adrienne

Last night at 10:02 pm I celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the day I met the most amazing young lady. She is a force to be reckoned with. Right from the beginning she asserted her self and does to this day. She is unforgettable; once you have met her, you will remember that experience. I wanted to name her Andrea because her dad's name is Andrew. He didn't like that name and we settled on Adrienne.

A big name for a bigger than life little girl. Her Dad is known to all as Drew and some of her friends call her Drew. She has had many nicknames throughout her life. Her middle name is Re'Nee and we called her Nee-Nee for awhile as a baby, but as her personality developed and she began to talk (and talk and talk) it was apparent that this cutesy little name didn't fit her.

Her siblings tagged her "mouth of the south" referencing her tendency to tell all the family business to everyone......... including strangers. Adrienne embraced the nick-name and even named her kitten "Southy". This was a kitten she adopted from a huge litter our old Siamese cat had. Misty wasn't a large cat, I tend to think her growth may have been stunted due to the fact that Adrienne forced her to wear Barbie clothes as a kitten. The cat learned early on that Adrienne was in charge and would not tolerate any acts of defiance. Poor cat always wore a look of resignation when in the presence of my girl. When she birthed the almost dozen kittens she culled out the ones she decided to nurture and discarded the rest in various place on the back porch. Adrienne would have none of that and somewhere I have an old Polaroid of a 6 year old Adrienne sitting in a box holding poor Misty down and making her nurse the entire litter.

Southy was not agreeable to wearing clothes and walking upright. He was defiant and would scratch Adrienne causing great frustration as she was determined to have control. He finally escaped, I like to think Southy simply went south.

Today my girl is a mother to an incredible little boy who looks amazingly like his Papa and can hold his own with his Mom. She has finally met her match. I didn't get to talk to her long yesterday because she was in a rush to get Gavin to baseball practice. I am missing her today.


Whitney Lee said...

How fantastic! She sounds like a strong woman. It's interesting to watch a personality unfold, is it not? I'm laughing at the mental image of her holding the cat down!

Brian Miller said...

ha. sounds like a wonderful personality and friend. hope she has a wonderful birthday!

SkippyMom said...

Sounds like her Mama's daughter [but can you get her over there to take on the bathroom culprits? I bet she could!]

What a lovely tribute to your daughter - I, too, am laughing at her forcing the cat to nurse. Adriene-1, Misty-0, LOL.

I hope she has a wonderful day. :D

Pat said...

She sure sounds like her mother's daughter! LOL! I can say that since I met you! I love the "mouth from the south!" She sounds like a wonderful person, but of course, what else could we expect from you, and Drew, of course?

joanne said...

she sounds strong and resiliant...much like her mama. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

what an awesome tribute to an amazing young lady. of course, she'd have to be amazing because i'm sure "amazing" genes run in your family.

happy birthday, sweet girl!

love the mental image of her forcing mama cat to nurse. LOL!

houndstooth said...

Happy Birthday to Adrienne! That was a lovely tribute on her special day!

The Good Cook said...

Happy Birthday to your girl. You painted a lovely picture of a determined, self sufficient young woman, no wonder you are a proud mama.