Monday, June 28, 2010

Even More Sites.............

It was a wonderful weekend here. Very busy and very few problems. No bathroom tales to tell. A few of you have asked questions and I would appear to have ignored them. Sorry about that, but I get interrupted a lot and then lose my train of thought. One question was about our pool and if we allowed folks other than campers to swim. We do. The nearest town is very small and there is not a lot for families to do. We open our pool daily from 11 am until 7 pm for "day swimmers" to pay and swim. My competitor across the interstate does also. Her pool is deeper, while mine has a huge shallow area great for small kids. We each appeal to different ages. It is a friendly competition and if someone doesn't find my park to their liking or I am full I am more than happy to call over and get a space from her and she does likewise. We also share information about problem campers and swimmers to warn each other. It is a win-win situation. The state park is just down the road from my park and they have a camping area also, but no full hook-ups. They don't have a pool and will send their campers here to swim and shop in my camp store. They do have beautiful hiking and biking trails, though.

Another question was about recommending other parks that I might know or be affiliated with in other parts of the country. Since we are privately owned and not under a franchise of any kind, I really don't have any basis on which to recommend a park. I would say to do a little research for the area you will be stopping at. There are RV review sites. Just keep in mind that some reviews might be written in anger or by someone with unreasonable expectations. Not all my reviews are good. One in particular was written by a man who got stuck and had to be pulled out by a tow-truck. He got stuck because he turned way short. I had warned him to stay on the gravel road because we had had so much rain and my husband even offered to guide him in the site. He was, shall we say, disinclined to follow the suggestions of others........ and he got stuck. His efforts to get himself out only made it worse and he who got more than a little annoyed with the man and expressed himself. We paid for the tow truck, but the customer felt that we should have also comped his stay. I have good reviews, too; but, I admit that I don't like seeing the negative in print. I guess I am saying to keep a good perspective while reading the reviews. Some of my followers are full-timers and would no doubt have a better idea of good parks than me.

Not the best picture here of this really cute bench. This is the area between sites 24 and 26. This is shady and they always have the leaves cleaned up. The white rock looks almost like a beach if you walk over at dusk.

The little areas of plants add a nice pop of color, too.

Sites 24 and 26 are hard to even think of separately, as the tend to hang out between the two in this little oases. Good thing they are close friends! Actually, they are related by marriage.

Now, on to the land of garden gnomes! This will be site N. The sweet little lady here loves her statuary in her gardens.

Looks different when occupied, but I never have time to get out on the weekend. I need to go mow this site, too. When it cools down and the pool is empty.....

Site N is on the end of the row and boasts a bigger area in the woods.

Always know the temp and what time it is on site N!

Just chillin ............ on site N.

Always ready for a crowd on site N. I have been treated to a small feast more than once here myself.

Site N is so far back in the park .......... they have transportation. This was the very first golf cart to make its appearance in our park.

Pots of flowers adorn every nook and cranny on site N.

This site 29. This site is situated at the end of a row and boasts a nice shady odd shaped lot. They have raked and cleaned it up. Check out how neatly they stacked the wood!
Site 29, different angle. Big fire pit.

This little garden is from site 34 ....... totally out of sequence here. I will be adding to this garden tonight, since right next to it is the water hydrant that has been hit three times in two weeks. I am adding another BIG rock and some nice dirt and flowers. Now if someone cuts too close the damage won't be mine.

Pink flamingos will welcome you to site 37.

The fire pit at site 37 is a favorite gathering place for those inclined to listen to tall tales from Crazy Tom! I was going to call him Tommy Boy, but Crazy Tom just suits him!

Long shot of site 37. We refer to sites 30-37 as "the hill". They are all out in the open with no pesky trees to block satellite reception. We had intended these to be the only sites we kept open year round and I was a little surprised that my seasonal campers didn't all want shade. This does eliminate any worries of a limb falling on your camper in a storm, though.

Site 36 is also a good place to get a free meal from time to time. I put in a little garden there last year and now they have enhanced it and even added a small tree. Competitive bunch there on "the hill". I must confess that I stopped for a moment from my photo shoot and dead headed the marigolds and even pulled a weed or two.

Site 35 also boasts a garden due to the generous efforts of a nice man who will soon make an appearance on my blog.

Long shot of site 35. That is the infamous barn of he who tinkers there-in in the back ground.

This is site 34. The grass is lusher here. They did indeed sow a little seed!

Site 34 is on "the hill", but this is the only site with a couple of trees. Still gets an open sky for satellites, though.

I mow all these sites, so if they would all decide to eliminate any hard to get to areas I would be sooooo happy! Site 34 concludes my tour for today and I have but a few sites left to post tomorrow, maybe tonight if I can leave the office on time. I would love to have the plaque on a site by next weekend for all to see and one proud site holder to gush over.


Brian Miller said...

site N looks like a cool place to be...glad that you are posting more pics of the campground...very nice.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I'm in love... with your campground. Looks like a wonderful place to visit and forget to leave.

luksky said...

I agree with's nice to see pics of the place that works you so hard. It is definitely a place to be proud of. :-)

Rae said...

Wow. That is amazing. Some of your campers really go all out. Looks like a wonderful place. I know I would enjoy a visit there.

houndstooth said...

Wow! The sites look really nice! It looks like a cool community of campers you have there!

Anonymous said...

I'll be booking my holiday sooooonn!

SkippyMom said...

It's nice to see that a lot of your residents put as much care and loving into their sites as you and He who do the entire campground.

This is going to be a hard vote. But I have to say I love the "Nanny mobile" heehee [I know that isn't included in the voting, but just thought it was cute.]

The Good Cook said...

Are we voting yet?? So far I would definitely have to vote for site N. Your campground is really lovely!

ellen abbott said...

I'm kinda liking site N.

Mamma has spoken said...

This is going to be one of the hardest things for me to do: pick which site I like the best. They all look so wonderful!

Whitney Lee said...

These are amazing. They have put quite a bit of work into these sites! Thanks for sharing. Let us know when to vote...

Cathy said...

Hello Kathy
Just popped in to say hello, sorry can't stay long but internetcconnection is being a pain. Will be back another day - btw am enjoying the guided tour, when is polling day?
Take care

Pat said...

It's nice that you mow the seasonal sites, too. I've been to campgrounds where the seasonals have to take care of their own sites.

Site N is, indeed a nice one, but you've shown so many nice ones, I don't want to forget about the others. I'd have to go back and look again before I cast my vote!

If anyone is looking for recommendations on campgrounds, I might be able to help. My email address is available through my blog page. We're full time rv-er's and have camped in many places, Kathy's campground included (which was very nice, by the way!)