Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Sites To See

Went on a little ride with my camera yesterday. Some of the sites aren't numbered since they aren't rented out nightly, so I will give them a letter for voting purposes.

This will be known as site K. This is one of the newer sites that we put in when we started to expand with our seasonal campers. Neat and clean. This site is located in the woods part of the campground. Bugs are more prevalent back here, note the screen room. When winter is over there is a heavy cover of leaves in this section.

The next two photos are different views of site M. Located next to site K. Everybody loves the bolt ends for landscaping. That and lots of rock filler for patios. Screen room here, too.

Here we have site B. Notice the table base is a tree stump. I just love using what is there. I think that may have been a tree that was cut down and the stump was not removed. I am often unaware of what exactly is going on, since I am the one designated to man the office/store.

Now this is a fire pit big enough to keep you warm! No grass to speak of back here and that makes me extremely happy as I would no doubt be the one to mow it. This is site S.
Site S has a concrete pad to sit on and they just moved in this season. They have been busy planting and trying to find what will grow in all that shade.

The perennials should start to really grow next season.

Front view of site S.

Site G below. They put a lot of work into all that rock and those bolt ends. They are heavy ........... I know from experience.

Oops, same shot. Hey I was helping a kid count change for ice cream!

The next site is site V. All of these sites are in the woods and the clean up is tedious in the spring. The sound of leaf blowers is a welcome sound every spring.

Site V from the back. Looks peaceful, doesn't it?

Next is site 17. Still in the shady part, but on an established row. This was one of the original sites here when we purchased the park. Used to have different seasonal campers and they built the patio area.

Site 8 is next. This area had to be excavated when we replace part of the sewer system. No grass to mow here.

I got a little distracted by the rabbits on site 1B.

I drove my golf cart right up to them ............. I think they thought I was the intruder!

Site 1B planted trees to hide the ugly electric boxes.

Site 1B also sits on a concrete pad and boasts a little garden area in the back that I put there a couple of seasons ago. This is one of the first sites you see when you enter the park.

Tomorrow I will try to post the remainder of the seasonal sites for your consideration. My camera battery ran out of power, so I stopped and watered a few gardens while He Who watched the store for me.


luksky said...

Cool! Every time I read your blog I have the strong urge to camp!

houndstooth said...

You have a really lovely park! It will be hard to pick a winner!

Pat said...

It's always nice to pull onto a concrete pad or have a patio. It's nice when people want to take care of their own area.

Sunny said...

My parents did a lot of camping when I was a youngster. You have a wonderful campground, very neat and tidy. I look forward to seeing more :)
☼ Sunny

joanne said...

your park is gorgeous, well-kept and clean, I would love to camp there! Can't wait to see the rest.

Mamma has spoken said...

I love how well your park is maintained! I'm not a camper, but if I was, I would want to stay at your park.

SkippyMom said...

I agree with everyone else - your park is so lovely - I want to come camping!

Love the bunnies - too cute.

And it will be hard to pick a winner.

ellen abbott said...

You have such a beautiful park. I would love one of those woodsy shady spots but it would have to have at least one sunny area for flowers. so nice that your seasonal campers fix up their places.

The Good Cook said...

Your park is really lovely - and I KNOW - we have camped all throughout this glorious country of ours. Question for you... we are planning a cross country camping trip for next summer- from NJ to Montana. We will be stopping in Michigan, South Dakota, Little Big Horn National Park and ending up in Yellowstone. Do you have friends / acquaintances with camp grounds throughout areas? We love to patronize people we know or referrals from someone in the business.

ps. we have a 28 ft rig.

Nancy said...

You have such a nice park! I would love to camp there.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

ok - that does it - i have to come visit! it may be drive there one day, find a hotel, and drive home the next but i have to find a way to come see this beautiful campground in person. i think it's too far for me to attempt on a friday night, so will have to be an early drive starting saturday and then back home on sunday. too bad i can't take an extra day for vacation time. maybe...

absolutely beautiful!

Jenna said...

Everything looks so good! You and He Who do such a great job! I want a camper!!! :)

Whitney Lee said...

Everyone is right; you have a lovely park. It's great that these people want to fix up their sites. Even better that you're sharing them with us!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Having just bought a caravan, I can really appreciate your beautiful park. My God, but it must be hard work. After reading your blog I really have a lot of respect for the owners of parks and the amount of work that goes into it.

Great pictures.

@ly said...

As a camper myself...your campground looks beautiful and maybe someday when my husband and I retire and we have a mobile home we will drive out there and stay.