Friday, October 30, 2009

Rain, Rain....GO AWAY!

The rain continues today, despite the fact that the forecast predicted a sunny day. They promised, promised,I tell you, that this day would be dry and sunny, although windy. There are puddles everywhere and the ground is spongy and makes suctioning noises when you walk on the grass. In some places the water rises up to grab your ankles and creep into your shoes. This is so wrong. How am I supposed to set up my graveyard?
I got up at 7:30 expecting wet ground, but not the steady rain that was accompanying the soggy terrain. Discouraged, the dogs peed quickly and scampered back to bed. I followed and slept the extra sleep that always makes you feel crappy. Got up to a steady drizzle that continues even now. My reservation, my ONE reservation, cancelled. I have a dull throbbing headache that could possibly be from too much coffee.
The sun is toying with me as it peeks out every now and again, only to hide behind a cloud again. In addition to planning this Halloween extravaganza I have been making preparation to travel to Georgia for my son's memorial service. I have gathered all my photos and memories together. It was a bittersweet task and I am emotionally prepared.
Traveling with three dogs is not a spur of the moment event. Not like I can toss my suitcase in the car and go, grabbing a motel room along the way and stay with family when I arrive. Not everybody is okay with animals in their house and I respect this. We used to have a 40' motor home. I had a second set of clothes and toiletries on board, so that a trip meant a trip to the grocery for our food and dog food and off we went. I miss that freedom, so while I have been housebound by rain I researched and shopped the web for a used smaller version of my house on wheels. I found one at a reliable(?) dealership in Kansas City. It was listed for $8900 and the ad claimed it to be in good condition having had a total systems check. The photos showed it to be very clean, if somewhat dated. It was at a Ford dealership, so we felt confidant that the ad was portraying it correctly. We called and offered $7500, cash. After a few calls back and forth we settled at $8000. We were prepared to pick it up last Monday, but the salesman said it would need to be detailed and he would contact us and let us know when it would be ready.
We were okay with that, The memorial service is Nov 21st, so I felt like I had time. So, on this rainy drab day we get an e-mail from this salesman, Clint, who had been the one that we came to a deal with. His e-mail said that due to the extensive repairs that needed to be done in order to make this vehicle be in good enough condition to sell, the asking price had gone up to $12,900!!!!!! Whether these repairs were to the body or the engine, it was totally misrepresented and I wouldn't buy it now on principal.
I am now back at square one on the trip preparation. I am thankful that I did not drive a six hour round trip to be disappointed. That doesn't help with my initial problem, though. It was obviously not meant to be and there is a much better deal waiting for me.
Our Halloween celebration will be an intimate affair of those campers that I know and love to be with. We will have a wonderful time anyway! We will have way too much food and so many prizes that everyone will win! We are erecting a tent to set up under, so rain if you must, we are a hardy group and will have fun any way!


scarlethue said...

At least they told you there were issues and didn't sell it to you as is! Although they really should have run their tests or whatever before even entering into negotiation with you. That's just silly.

I'm tired of the rain too. It makes me sleepy. I had to run to WalMart at lunch and now my feet are soaked and freezing. Come on, sun!

Rae said...

We have too much rain too and I am really tired of it. At least it is still warm.

Alix said...

Well, crap. You have a lot on your plate Kathy. I'm proud of you for dealing with it as well as you are.

There are worse things than a swampy graveyard. Stick those suckers in the ground and make the rain work for you! Worms and snakes would add a nice touch... and plenty of moss. The possibilities are endless.

As for the memorial service... my heart will be with you. Close your eyes and I'll stand beside you.

The motorhome situation? Ug!

Have fun at your Halloween extravaganza! I can almost taste that Brunswick Stew all the way here in Florida.


SkippyMom said...

I can taste the Brunswick stew now-perfect for a rainy Halloween party! Yum. I know you will have a fun day regardless of the rain.

Pooldad and I are just aghast that the dealer would do that. They listed it as having a systems check and put it on line - that is just wrong to turn around ask 4K more. Just wrong.

Don't worry - the right RV will be there for you. You will know it when you see it.

Hugs for you. Wish we could come visit with our dachshie [you would let her in, right?]and celebrate Halloween with you.

Kathy G said...

I fell asleep on the couch about 3:00 this afternoon and woke up to a strange sight--the sun! Although it quickly disappeared behind a cloud, its appearance made me feel like better weather will be coming soon.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I'm amazed at the audacity of the salesman - but glad they told you before you drove up there to get it.

We've had a lot of rain here, too and our lawn feels like a squishy swamp when I walk across it. Ick.

Have a blast at your Halloween party and let your worries drift away for awhile.

ellen abbott said...

We're getting lots of rain too but not today. After the drought of summer, I'm trying to still be thankful for it but it's getting harder.

What a raw deal about the camper. did the guy really think you would still be interested. I'm thinking you dodged a bullet there.

Have a good Halloween.

luksky said...

Good girl for taking those negative things and turning them into positives. :-)

Carol said...

I know you dodged the bullet! Nope this is NOT the unit for you!!

We will all be thinking of you during the memorial, hope you can make it a celebration of life, even tho it is a day of mourning and reflection.

As far as the rain, have not had as much here, but, whewie, the pond is up!!

Nancy said...

Wow, glad you didn't drive the whole way to get that news. You'll have fun, even with the rain! I am hoping you find something to drive for your trip for your son's funeral. I just can't imagine what that must be like.

We're looking for a new travel trailer. Something small (for national parks) and light (so our truck can pull it easily.) We had one with a pop out, but we sold it when we didn't have time to use it. Now we have plenty of time. Maybe we will make it your way next summer!

Anonymous said...

Well crap.I hate that you thought you found one, and then all the BS happened with it. Arrggh!

Am, again, so sorry about your son. I can not imagine...Hugs.

Rainy = spookier, right? :D

Pat said...

Wish I could send you some of this glorious Arizona sunshine your way!

I hope your Halloween party is a blast. Doesn't matter if it's an intimate party or a huge crowd. It's good friends gathered, good food, and good prizes, too!

That was a raw deal about the trailer! Dirty rat bastard! At least you did find out about it before you got there. I hope something else turns up for you. Good luck.

Naqvee said...

Havvy Halloweeeeeeeeen

labbie1 said...

Sounds like bait and switch...seems like if they agreed to sell it to you for a price, they should honor that price! Great Dealer! Should shout their names--or at least leave bad feedback on them on the web!

Okay, Rain, don't GO AWAY! Just take a nice vacation--K?

Oh and I LOVE Brunswick Stew! Yummy! Send the recipe!