Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gourds Revisited

The weather is turning colder, especially during the night. The leaves are changing color and falling from the trees. My sunflowers are drying out and will become a mainstay for the squirrels and birds. My marigolds are still hanging in there, along with the mums I recently planted.

The gourds would appear to be a little confused. Some leaves are turning brown and falling........ while the vine is still green and strong and is still blooming.

Tiny little gourds, not much bigger than my thumb are hanging here. Only time will tell if they will grow fast enough to make a hard enough shell to survive the drying process. See the curly little vines? They grab onto whatever they find to lend support for the heavy fruit they bear.

These are the same three I have in previous posts. They have changed shapes a couple of times. They are still very heavy and not ready to cut away from the vine. I have to watch them closely now. I check the vine daily for any signs of stress or turning brown. I don't want them to hit the ground and burst while they are still green.

This one is about the size of a half gallon milk jug. I just noticed it about 2 weeks ago and it was only the size of a soup can then. They really grow fast, but this one may or may not ripen enough before it freezes.

I like the shape of this one. It is hanging from my clothesline. I see a snowman. What do you see?

This is another shot of the smaller odd shaped one. It isn't speaking to me yet.

Some of the leaves are turning brown, while there are still some blooms. I guess part of the vine knows it is Autumn, while some vines must be thinking it is Spring.

This one looks like a good candidate for a future birdhouse.

Sitting on the ground, I think this could house a lot of birds. I think I may try to carve this one with something Halloweenish (is that a word?).
Transitions all around my yard as I gather seed for next spring. I have 100 tulip bulbs to put in the ground. I will get 100 daffodil bulbs to pair with them. I can hardly wait until Spring to see all those happy little blooms bobbing in the wind.


Mrs.C said...

Gorgeous. I always wanted a gourd birdhouse, but never had one. I love the pics, and the commentary of your blog. I lived in Missouri all my life except for the past yr.

ellen abbott said...

The gourds are way cool. My sister grew some and so my granddaughter made a sort of shaman's rattle out of it.

Kathy G said...

I like your pictures. My tomatoes are doing something similar...some of the stems and leaves are turning brown, but the plants are still putting out flowers, and I'm harvesting a dozen or so bite-sized tomatoes every day

Rae said...

I love gourds but I have never tried to grow them. I may have to give them a try now that I see how they grow. Just curious - where do you get the seeds?

Anonymous said...

Love your gourds. I left some out in our shed in AZ to dry over the summer. There are some out their that are round and about the size of a tennis ball. They call them coyote gourds.

We are moving south and west - in Kansas this week. It is a bit nippy in the morning but the days are nice - now if the rain stays away while we travel.

Emptynester said...

Oops, forgot to enter my name in above post again. I'm a slow learner.

Brian Miller said...

nice. amazing how quick they grow. we just watched flubber with the boys so i am seeing the little guys dancing around the record player. hope you have a great day!

Nancy said...

Beautiful. I can't wait to see what they become.

Pat said...

Don't you sound like a happy little camper! I agree, that one gourd in particular looks like a snowman.

Hey - stop by my blog and pick up your award!

Hit 40 said...

You have been busy in the garden this summer. I am surprised your small camper guests did not pick everything.

labbie1 said...

Hey Kathy! According to my sister-in-law--Nina (Tom's beloved), you can plant the tulip bulb and above that in the same hole, a daffy and right on top of that, a crocus. The crocus will bloom, then the daffy and then the tulip. Also, having the daffy on top of the tulip, bulb eating varmits will eat the daffy, but leave the tulip--not realizing that there is another bulb down there. She is giving it a try this year and dad just bought his bulbs yesterday on our trip to Menards.