Friday, October 2, 2009

Bloggers and Large Type

So far I have had the honor of meeting two fellow bloggers. One found me quite by accident and realized that she was a mere 13 miles east of me. She sought me out and I am happy that she did. It is so nice to meet people in the flesh that you enjoy reading. Hi to Joy and Phil at Backroad Chronicles.

Just yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting another fellow blogger. We almost missed this opportunity because she did not realize she was going to be in the same area my park is in! Just so you all know...... KAN-DO KAMPGROUND is located in Montgomery City, Missouri. We are conveniently located at exit 170 on Interstate 70. Phone # is 573-564-7993. Oh, and I give a blogger discount. If you head my way stop by....there may or may not be cake involved.... but you will get to see me!

I love my new friends! Pat ( A View From The Edge) and I talked for hours last night! When I got back to my house love of my life was asleep and the dogs were all awaiting me (yeah, he forgot to take them out). I feel like we have known each other forever. Her hubby is a great guy, too. I am just sad they couldn't stay longer, but I can't compete with hot-air balloons!

In case you may be wondering why I changed to such a large type, I hope I have convinced my dad to get a computer to communicate with me since he refuses to get a hearing aid. He was having trouble reading my posts while he was here, so, this is for you, Daddy!


Hit 40 said...

The big font is great for me too!! I should probably get glasses. Just too cheap. And, I do not want to wear them.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

How fantastic that you had a great experience! I mentioned once in my blog about meeting a fellow blogger and one of my poster's sent me an email saying to be careful because he met up with one guy who was a complete nutter! He couldn't get away from the guy quick enough. As it happened we never got together but it made me wary and of course his experience was exceptional.

I am not a nutter, I think, but when we do our tour of the States we'll pay you a visit!

Missy said...

Just catching up on your blog....I like the new font! Wow, the stories of "anonymous"....really? Words escape me on that. What do you do with the gourds? I've never seen them growing so that is very interesting.

Carol said...

So, THAT is where you are! I GoogleMap-ed it. I was wondering, now I know. Saved the campground web site for possible future use!

Alix said...

Yay! Congratulations on your new friends! I consider all my bloggy friends REAL friends, but meeting in person puts the punctuation on it.

I met Garret and Jim and we had a blast together in St Augustine for two days before they moved on to Ft Myers (they live in their RV in a campground and recently spent the past year touring the US! You'd loe them, Kathy!).

Enjoy your new pals. Wish WE lived closer!

ellen abbott said...

That's so much fun isn't it? I met an online friend once from a glass related BB. She was in town for a workshop (unrelated to glass) and she came by my house on her way to the airport back to California. Like you, we felt like old friends, talked non-stop.

Pat said...

Hey you! Imagine my surprise as I was flipping through the blogs that I follow and up pops a picture of Jim and me! Holy cow! That's a surprise! LOL! I had a great time and feel like we really hit it off and like we've been friends for a long time!

I barely have time to comment and/or read other blogs while we are traveling - just time to post mine and then crash for the night!

Meggie said...

Lucky you! there are many blog friends I would love to meet in person.

Mrs.C said...

I'm glad you had fun meeting them. It would be nice to meet some of the people I read.

As for the big font, my laptop is set up that way, because my eyes bother me. I have HUGE icons, curser, etc.

Sweet of you to do that for your pa.

Brian Miller said...

all these bloggers connecting recently. too cool. sounds like you had a great time! cool that your dad is getting a computer to communicate with you as well!

Nancy said...

How fun to meet Pat, one of my favorite bloggers, too! You can bet we will visit you if we head that way next summer. We're thinking we may need another travel trailer now that we seem to have so much time on our hands.

Cake is always good. :-)

Joy and Phil said...

Thanks for the "shout out"! I still remember how excited I was when I realized you were so close to where we were camped. Our visit was the highlight of my day :)

Never miss one of your posts although sometimes I'm a day late or two. Just wish I had found you sooner so we could have stayed at your park.

You are truly a fine writer and I again say ... How is the book coming?

Hugs! Joy