Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lady Debugger ....... Me?

Since I had not bought groceries in two weeks and needed to run some errands, I showered and even put make-up on. Remembered my list and my cell phone. I was ready to knock out those errands and take on the world. Unfortunately, the car wasn't up to the challenge..........
Glad I remembered the cell phone. I would have hated to have to walk the 20 feet back into the house. I was really glad that love of my life came to my rescue..... what with me being so far from home, nearly destitute.

That sweet man is magic. My little ride was ready for an adventure in no time.

I roll to the end of my drive and view the remains of my mailbox. Nice, huh? A new adventure every day.

Nice tracks adorn the grass beside the driveway. Given the double trenches, I am assuming a big tractor trailer decided to use our driveway to turn around and cut it way too short coming out the wrong way and hit the mailbox.

Oh, look he (?) pulled through the grass on both sides. Nice.
I decide to have a nice day in spite of this. After all it is blog worthy. I even have pictures. So off I go to return my books to the library. I know that I am a couple of days late and will owe a fine. Should be less than a dollar. I am prepared to pay my fine and go on to the grocery. The nice lady scans my returns and looks up at me and starts laughing nervously. According to the computer I owe $33,000.00 in late fees. I don't think so. After further investigation, turns out 83 cents took care of everything.
I made it back home, groceries in tow without further ado. Love of my life went off to work and I went about the business of taking 4 cancellations and looking forward to a pretty slow night.
Since it was so slow, my good friend Deb took me out to dinner! Unheard of on a Friday night. We had a nice dinner at a local establishment. I have come to realize that I need my camera on me at all times. I noticed an item in the restaurant I had not seen in years........ fly tape hanging near the entrance of the establishment. I was duly impressed. We seemed to be the last patrons of the day and they sent the young man who took our order to the local grocery to purchase the makings of our salad. We heard the cook telling him there was a huge difference in a cucumber and a zucchini. Very entertaining.
We came back to the park and did a drive-thru. Since all was still quiet I went to her camper to hang out. I happened to look up and notice that we were under attack by.... ladybugs. They were swarming all over the ceiling.
I came to the rescue with a water bottle and stepladder.

Look at my wonderful harvest! I have now been dubbed........ Lady Bugger. Not to be confused with Lady Booger..........

Actually, it should be Lady Debugger. Yes I will accept that as my new title. But.... if I am a Lady, is love of my life a Lord?


Naqvee said...

a very b'ful post..

Emptynester said...

Ah! Those probably aren't the real lady bugs - they are Asian Lady Beatles. They stink when you touch them and bite if they get on you. Really they aren't biting like mosquitoes do - they are just tasting you to see if you taste good - but it hurts.

They were imported to eat aphids and now have spread all over. The only way to get them is with a vacuum or the way you did it.

Sorry about the tracks in the grass and your mailbox. Some people just can't read.

We are finally on our lot in AZ for the winter. It has been an adventure getting here this winter. We've been thru rain, hail, sleet and an ice storm. It is good to just sit.

Alix said...

Kathy... how lucky we have such wonderful rescuers! Mine is always taking care of me too. I wish every woman could experience the love, protection and care of a truly good man.

And I love that you drive a little silver bug. Suits you... cute and adorable.

The way you took the broken mailbox and trailer ruts in stride is a testament to your patience and sensibility. I'd have blown a gasket for sure.

I always enjoy your posts so much, Kathy. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...Lady Bugger to the rescue...yes, we had a fun, interesting dinner...and by the way, the food was very good...we returned to find the little pest all over...When I came in on Friday evening I thought, great, my new camper is so nice and tight, no Lady Bugs...NOT!!! I guess they just wanted me to warm things up so they could debut... but my new Weekend Landlord... also my Weekend Warrior. It kind of bothered me how much fun she was having everytime she captured one and just laughed out loud really rambunctiously...she was having way too much fun...who do you think each Lady Bug represented in her world???...I can only imagine...but it was great fun and

I am happy to see Kathy on the lighter side of life this weekend.

I hope everyone checks out Wall-E's blog...Kathy took some great shots of Wall-E and my granddaughter, Kiley... Kiley came out on Saturday and Kathy entertained us Saturday evening... another great, fun evening...and of course, we baked...Blackberry Pie this weekend...yummy... every weekend is a new culinary delight.

Kathy, I'm excited to have our KD Bakeshop open in the spring at the campground store... xoxo Debbie

luksky said...

"Cringe" at the deep trenches in your lawn and broken mailbox. I had to laugh at your comment about at least your day was blogworthy. I always think the same thing when I am having one of those days.

ellen abbott said...

Never a dull moment. I'm currently trying to discourage the fire ants from wanting to live at the base of my trees and in or near the gardens. there's a 13 acre field behind us fer cryin' out loud. They can have that whole thing.

Anonymous said...

You know, the mailbox and ruts in your yard made ME mad and I don't even live there! People are so rude these days.

I'm glad you were able to get out for a bit, and enjoy your day!

otin said...

I don't know why I would even notice this, but didn't VW's used to have their engines in the back??

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Great post! So sorry to read about you yard and mailbox. We had a instance similar to that a few years ago, but I think ours was teenagers playing "mailbox baseball" and our mailbox was the target. {sigh} Had to get a new mailbox and post. Now, we live next to a big PO installed box that hold the mail for several residents. Let the little weasels try batting practice with that one! LOL!

We had some bugs that used to come out every year and loved to live on our wood fence. I think they were some kind of elm tree bug (or something like that). Harmless, but a pain in the butt. I sprayed them with detergent and it killed them. I hated those little bugs.

Carol said...

I believe the next blog post should be detailed description of how to catch the Asians in a pop bottle! They get in stick builts too! SIGHHH I don't wanna go open the 5er to check, sometimes the head in the sand approach is a good one.

Have a great week!!

The Good Cook said...

You sound good. I'm glad you got some time off to relax with a friend.. after the week or so you've had you certainly deserve that.

The mailbox? Congrat's to you to not letting it ruin your day. I would have flipped my wig!

Pat said...

I get it - so "BUG" is the theme of the day. You drive a "BUG", you were really "BUGGED" about the mailbox and tire tracks, you wanted to tell the truck driver to "BUG OFF" who left them (actually, knowing you, you wanted to say something more, let's say, effective :)) and then later on, you took care of the "BUGS". BTW, how did you get said "BUGS" INTO the water bottle?

I like lady bugs, but when there are so many like that, it's true - those are probably the Asian kind that bite! And those suckers hurt. And they do smell. Sometimes I sniff the air and say, "It smells like lady bugs!" Yeah, I know, I'm crazy!

Nancy said...

I like your cute little bug. It looks like my Jilly's little green one.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Naqvee-Thank you.

Empty-I know they are beetles and have been bitten myself. Glad you are nestled in for the winter.

Alix-He always loves a damsel in distress and I love my VW...45 MPG!

Deb-He ate the whole loaf of bread! Guess it was good!

luksky-I know what you mean!

ellen-I don't envy you those ants!

l3d-Getting mad wouldn't help. Our road is so close to the entrance ramp to I-70 that people think they are onit, then see the "dead end" sign as they approach our property. I wouldn't mind the turnarounds so much if they would be respectful of our property.

Otin-Sharp eye! the old models did have the engine in the back. Mine is an '02. Hubby keeps threatening to trade it, but I love it. It is diesel and loaded, seat warmers and all. I can almost make it all the way to MN on one tank!

Teresa-Bugs and bad drivers are easy to take in stride... other things, not so much.

Carol-Just place the mouth of the bottle over the bug and give it a little nudge. It will drop in.

Good Cook- I am better, still having moments, but better. Thanks.

Pat-they do have a distinct odor. Just hold the bottle neck to them and they will fall in...don't forget to put the lid on after capture.

Nancy-you have a Jilly, too? love my car and my girl.....

Sunny said...

The mailboxes look like that in winter after the snowplow has been around! Sorry that your grass got so messed up.
We had a ton of lady bugs the other day but they were just the regular variety. Some garden shops sell them to get rid of aphids. Geeze, I could have made some $$!
Sunny :)

labbie1 said...

$33,000.00???? Wow! Tough Library! :)

You know, that truck?? taking out the mailbox must have been what we heard during the night when my neighboring camper thought her jack collapsed! Hope they did some real damage to their vehicle like they did to your box! The dirty rats!

Ended up with several of the ladybugs hitching a ride with us to New York! Darn!