Monday, March 2, 2009

STD For Dogs?

If this is a taste of the week to come, I need sedation. We are keeping Wall-E, my grandson's puppy for awhile. He is a funny looking mixed breed. Looks like chihuahua and terrier. He is white with black spots on his skin that show through the fur. He is very skittish and hasn't ventured out the front door until today. He and his partner in crime, Oscar (the cantankerous dachshund ) took off running through the front lawns. They were gleeful to be out and would stop, jump on each other and play fight before chasing one another. Oscar knows the limits of the property, but I was afraid Wall-E would make it to the road. Can you imagine telling your 4 year old grandson that his dog was hit by a car and killed.....on your watch? This in mind I began trying to lure them towards me so that I could herd them back in. Oscar knew full well what I was doing and kept heading towards the road and the pond---did I mention that he has a streak of pure evil in him. Finally the love of my life came to help. But before they came in Wall-E discovered some kind of animal poop--cat, I think--and managed to smear it all over his back. So, of course, I had to bathe him. Might as well give them all a bath, so I put all three little dogs in the tub and began the task. Keep in mind that Emmy had not gone on the excursion with the boys and due to having had her spine fused several years ago after breaking her little back, she doesn't always have such good control of her rear end. I douse them all with water and then start shampooing them all. During the rinse cycle poor Emmy had a poopy accident. That was bad enough. But when I was cleaning that mess up I discovered WORMS. Emmy is a delicate little thing weighing in at 6 lbs. When I hold her, her little leg bones feel like those of a bird to me. If she has worms, then they all do. I am thinking this would be the equivalent of a doggy STD--what with all the butt licking going on. I am glad I discovered this, so that I can remedy it---it's the remedy I am not looking forward to. They will all have diarrhea and said diarrhea will have to be cleaned up. I guess we all know who the poop scooper is around--me!

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