Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love of my Life!

Today Drew is 56 years old. Since I plan for us to live until we are 110, last year marked the beginning of phase two. As I said yesterday, today is Drew's day. The steaks are thawing, the carrot cake is in the making and the weather is even conspiring to give him a day of rest. Tornado watch and hail to the south of us and crazy strong winds here. Of course, I can't go out and play in the dirt---but it's not about me today! As long as the wind doesn't kill the satellite signal and he can watch discovery channel..... I got him some new sunglasses for mowing our 40 acres. The old man kind that you can wear over your specs and covers the sides. He isn't as diligent as I am with the sunscreen, so I try to cover as much of him as I can. Remember I want to live to 110 and I don't want him to look like a prune. All good thoughts today. I once asked him if it bothered him that he sometimes sounds like a big buffoon when I write about him. He said, "What do you mean?" I didn't answer. That is his standard reply when I try to explain what I want to do and it makes perfect sense to me and every one who hears it. If I ever write a book about him, there is my title! Gotta love him, though, I know I do!


lovelyprism said...

LOL I hope he enjoyed his carrot cake.

Jilly said...

I tried to call but I got nothin' Tell him I love him and Happy Birthday... oh and he already looks like a prune so you're a little late on that one :) He's a cute prune though.

Lover of Life said...

Happy Birthday to Love of Your Life! Hmmmm can smell that carrot cake from here!