Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coverage You Can Count On

The news is on .....can it be that late? Oh, daylight savings time, how could I forget? They announced on the local NBC affiliate three times that I heard last night. Unfortunately two times they told the viewers to turn their clocks BACK and once we were told to turn them ahead. I was only half listening until I heard the words, "....and don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight before you go to bed..." Stopped what I was doing and thought, "That's not right." Actually I said it aloud to the dogs, since love off my life was at work and I was alone.....except for the animals. So I started paying attention to the broadcast and the meteorologist instructed me and all the other viewers to turn our clocks forward. I am relieved as I had been chanting "spring forward, fall back" to myself. I sat down with the dogs to finish watching and just before the news is over once again the anchor on the station providing 'coverage you can count on' tells me to turn my clock BACK! What? I chant the phrase again, I know I am right, I try out "spring back, fall ahead". Kind of rolls nicely off my tongue, doesn't make much sense, though. Gee, I wish Drew were here so I could have someone to help me make fun of the broadcast. But, no I am alone. This was the 6:00 news and she did it again on the late night news. Wonder how many folks turned their clocks back?

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Lover of Life said...

I'm becoming less and less enthused with the news passing anything on that we can count to be true anymore. Mostly we have been avoiding it.